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Young Goodman Brown

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Central Character

The story's central character is Young Goodman Brown. Young Goodman Brown is about a character and his faith in himself, his wife and his community.


Young Goodman Brown must travel into the forest at night and return before sunrise. At first this trip is not explained, but as you read on you realize this trip is about resisting the temptations of evil and the devil. Young Goodman Brown is so sure of his faith in the beginning of his journey.

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Later in the story he runs into someone presumably evil. He does very well at resisting this evil person until they run into his childhood catechism teacher. Seeing that his teacher has turned to evil ways gave him his first doubt in his faith.

Goodman, however, still travels believing in his faith but all he hears is wind and evil noises. He hears other people traveling through the forest and hides. As the wind howls he thinks that the voices of the two travelers are the minister and the Deacon. This is the second blow to his already dwindling faith.

The last straw to break his faith was the hearing of his wife's voice in the wind. He finally reached his destination in the forest and found his entire community participating in evil antics. From this point on Goodman did not trust anyone in his community including his wife.


The action in Young Goodman Brown is purely mental. Goodman has to keep telling himself over and over that he is strong in his faith. All the way through the forest he keeps looking behind him searching for evil to jump out at him. When he finally meets the evil person he resists temptation. His resistance is strong until he is shown his teacher who has given in to evil. Then he begins to hear voices through the wind showing him that others in his community have also given in to evil including his wife.


Young Goodman Brown thought good of himself and his community until this trip. After his trip he is convinced that they are all evil and he ends up trusting no one.

Dramatic Conflict

Whether he actually meets Satan, and the community is evil or he fell asleep and tricked himself, he turns out suspecting everyone. In the end we are told that Goodman is distrusting after his journey, so he either did met the devil or fell asleep. The story seems to lean toward him meeting the devil in person.

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