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Meaning of Song "Fast Car."

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Miryam Ynguanzo

A "Fast Car" can take you through ups and downs and

farther than the imagined."The speed of the car is

emphasized a great deal to assure that goals can be

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accomplished in a rapid amount of time.

The song "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman, deals with a

womans struggle to make a better life for herself and her

partner. The singer portrays life with speed, because, it's

known that with motion, one can get far. She journey through

her past life, takes us to the present; a life in which she

is still trying to achieve.

In the first verse, she quotes, "You got a Fast Car,maybe together we can go somewhere, anyplace is better."

This means, with "A Fast Car" they can explore a place, in

which they both can obtain a better life, other than the one

they pertain to. She states, "Starting from zero got nothing

to lose." She is trying to influence her partner to jouney

the adventure she is reaching for. She is attempting to run

from her past and make a life in which will suit her and her


In the second paragraph, the verse explains, the reason

she plans to leave. For example, "You got a fast Car, I've

been working at a convenience store, we won't have to drive

too far, you an I both can get jobs and finally see what it

means to be living." It seems that she is trying to start a

life with her partner without having to explain her reasons

to anyone. When she mentions her works it's for two reason

1) She is trying to show her partner that she is a hard

worker. ) It something that she feels obligated to do. It

appears that she wants to be living a life without say, a

life in which she can manipulate.

The third verse, mentions her reason for working and

not attending school. As I had mentioned previously, she

felt obligated to work to support her father. Her father had

a physical appearance of an elder person because of the

abuse of alcoholism. Her mother left her father because she

wanted more than he offer. She mentions, "My mama went off

and left him, she wanted more from life than he could

offer." She then felt liable over him. Her last verse states

"So I quit school and thats what I did." A reasonable

explanation in my part, but a ongoing effort can be done.

"We gotta make a desicion we leave tonight or live and

die this way." She is telling her partner that she needs to

get away from her sadden memories. She is stating that if

they don't leave that there world will revolve around her

past life. She tells her goals once again. "We'll move out

of the shelter, buy a big house and live in the suburbs."

Assuring herself that with her partner her goals will be

accomplished, and wont have to look back to those sadden


The last verse, she explains her life in the present.

She states that her partner has no job, stays out drinking

late, and sees more of his friends than his kids. She

states, "I'd always hoped for better, Thought maybe together

you and me would find it." Unfortunatley, she left her

sadden life back home, to start a new one in the present.

She is now a replica of what her mother encountered. The

only difference is that the verse says " I got no plans I

aint going anywhere, so take your fast car and keep

driving." There was a twist at the end in comparing it to

her mother desision. She decided to stay and continue her

life although it seems she didn't get out of life what she


Concluding, she mention " You got a fast car, you got

to make a desion you leave now or live and die this way." I

understand that this quote is saying that she ahs the job

and ability to continue living on and if he chooses he can

leave or live the way in which she is striving for as a

survivor of her past encounters.

she emphasing his car beacause if he chooses he and the

right to leave but she will stay and continue her life and

reach high for her goals, although they have fallen into her

mothers leads.

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