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The realy robin hood case

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1. Robin and the Merry Men are faced with a myriad of problems. First and foremost is the price of 1000 pounds on Robins

head. Although Robin may be loved by the general population, a reward of such a substantial amount may sway the loyalty

of some people. Additionally, mercenaries and bounty hunters are sure to be enticed by the reward making Robins ability

to keep on living somewhat more challenging. The growing size of the number in the Merry Men makes it a relatively easy

task to infiltrate the band and make an attempt on Robins life. The growing size also creates a bigger problem in keeping

the band well-fed and well-hidden. The availability of game is steadily decreasing, making feeding the men more difficult.

Also, while it is easy to hide a small group of men in the forest, the larger number of men makes hiding much harder. The

ability to finance his operations is also decreasing as the wealthy travelers have learned to avoid Sherwood Forest. Finally,

Robins primary advantage, his knowledge of Sherwood Forest, is quickly being matched by agents of Prince John.

. Regardless of what Robin decides to do, the sheriff will continue to hunt him. This is a guarantee. The ability of the forest

to sufficiently feed his men has been weakened and will take time to be restored even if he reduces the size of the Merry

Men. The lack of wealthy travelers in the vicinity of Sherwood will also affect future funding. Additionally, the increased

knowledge of Prince Johns men about Sherwood will require the Merry Men to travel more often to avoid detection,

eliminating the ability to have a base camp. This will lead to more exposure to the elements and may have a negative effect

on the general morale of the men. This is especially important to consider during the winter months.

. Robin is considering several possibilities

A) Charging a simple transit tax for traveling through Sherwood

B) Simply killing the sheriff

C) Joining the nobles loyal to King Richard and attempting to free King Richard from prison

Some additional possibilities that are available to Robin

A) Give up the fight and leave the country

B) Assassinate Prince John and hope for a good successor

C) Split the Merry Men up into different, independent groups

D) Have the nobles loyal to King Richard finance his operations

4. The first three possibilities are discussed in the actual case reading and indicate the basic reactions from those actions.

The additional possibilities, labeled A-D will be discussed below.

A) The Merry Men will react very strongly against this suggestion. They are free men would not have joined if they were

not willing to die for Robins cause. To simply give up would not be acceptable and even if Robin left them, they would

probably continue to fight (and die because of a lack of proper leadership). The sheriff would be estastic. However, he

would probably maintain the reward on Robin because of his hatred for him. The sheriff would also be able to commit

atrocities against the people unhindered. The people would be devastated. Their icon of hope and salvation would be

destroyed and their lives would have no meaning.

B) The Merry Men would probably agree to this possibility but with reservation. The risks involved would be very great and

there would be no guarantee that Prince Johns successor would any better. The sheriff would react to any attempt on

Prince Johns life with extreme tactics. The sheriff would lay waste to everyone and everything that he could in order to

destroy Robin and the Merry Men. The people would probably agree that Prince John deserved to die, but would

wonder if his successor would be any better. As with most oppressed people, they would rather keep the hardships

they already know than risk the possibility of facing even worse hardships.

C) The Merry Men would probably agree to this idea. The biggest problem would be providing the necessary leadership for

each independent group. Obviously, everyone would want to be in Robins group. The sheriff would not react well to

this. Instead of one group of men to worry about, he would suddenly have several groups causing problems

everywhere. He would lose even more control of the state of affairs and probably would resort to extreme tactics to

wipe out the groups. The people would probably react badly to this. They know and trust Robin. They know he is a

good person and leader. They will not know the new leaders to the same extent and may feel betrayed by Robin for

splitting the Merry Men up.

D) The Merry Men would probably agree to this although they may have some reservations about accepting funding from

the people who they were supposed to be robbing. The sheriff would be livid about this if he found out and the resulting

carnage from his and Prince Johns efforts would be unbound. The people would probably never be aware of where the

funding was coming from and would have no reason to know.

5. I think Robin should do several things. He should first have the nobles start financing his operations (by conveniently

allowing themselves to be robbed near Sherwood). Not only will this solve his monetary problems, but will also ensure the

nobles support for his cause. I would split the Merry Men up into groups and assign them specific tasks to do, specifically

the removable of any man with intimate knowledge of Sherwood from Prince Johns ranks. This would reduce the number

of men in one spot and eliminate the knowledge threat. I would look into the possibility of assassinating Prince John and

talk to my noble allies about the possible successors. If the successor appears to be an improvement and the assassination

can take place with a reasonable guarantee of success then the assassination would be attempted. I would also look into

the possibility of freeing King Richard very discreetly. I would not make any direct attacks against the sheriff and would

continue the usual practice of Rob from the rich and give to the poor.

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