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Fast Food of today

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For my whole life I have loved eating out and have done so on a regular basis. It is only recently, however, that I have become more aware of what is in the food that I am consuming. This has come about from the many articles in the newspaper, and on television programs about fast food outlets and how they prepare their food, which is sometimes alarming. I believe that society has these concerns also. I am particularly interested in the nutrient value of food and also concerned with the many food poisoning scares within Australia over the years. This is why I decided to choose a topic relevant to this for my Food and Hospitality Independent Study. My topic is ¡¥Are fast food outlets bowing to consumer demands to be more accountable for the type of food they produce?¡¦

The course objectives that I will be relating my study to are

i. To investigate the nature and scope of, and the trends within the Food and Hospitality industry.

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ii. Identifying and examining management practices that contribute to the success of catering enterprises.

In order to research my question more thoroughly and address the course objectives, I have broken the topic up in a number of aims to discuss

„ What is the trend in eating habits today?

„ Is society more conscious of what they eat when dining out than ever before?

„ Has fast food trends changed over the years?

„ Has the media played a part in fast food trends?

To complete my report I plan to conduct interviews, surveys and collect research from books and the Internet.

My intended audience for this assignment is society in general, but is more for people that eat out on a regular basis. I think both children and adults will be interested in reading this report to gain more information on where the fast food trend began, and where it is heading.

By the end of this Independent Study, I will hope to have a better understanding of the trends concerning fast foods and if outlets really are becoming more accountable for the foods they are producing due to consumer demands.


What is the trend in eating habits today?

Our diet has changed dramatically since the 10¡¦s, when we first started to change from natural farming processes, developed over 1000¡¦s of years, to scientific farming processes. These changes have run in parallel with lifestyle changes, and food processing changes. In past societies, eating habits were vastly different from our modern diets in industrialized countries with our concentration now on huge quantities of refined sugar and flour; processed meat from obese animals; and pesticide ridden, processed fruits and vegetables.

The rise in convenience foods over the last 10 years has been illustrated in the steady growth of fast-food chains in Australia. This on-the-run mentality seen in society today has created the need for quick, easy-to-prepare foods. The increase in single parent households, women in the workplace and the amount of disposable income of teenagers have added to the need for ready-to-eat meals. This new trend demands convenience foods to be easy to make for any age group, with easy cleanup and little or no waste. Most meals are eaten on-the-go, so the ability to hold the food item with one hand and the freedom to eat without utensils are important. Geoff, 48, and Wendy, 46, both have work commitments that require them to be in their car most of the day.

¡§Because of the type of jobs we have, we tend to eat out a lot. There is just no time to prepare meals in the morning and by the time we eat them, they are usually spoiled anyway. Take-away is very convenient for us but we always opt for the healthy take-away food over the fatty stuff.¡¨

This trend of eating out seems to be apparent in the majority of peoples every day living because of the lifestyles we are now leading.

Another trend in Australian eating habits is the desire for healthy meals. Whether eating at home or out, consumers are starting to demand healthy alternatives to the usual menu fair. This change has been spawned by increased public awareness of heart disease, cancer, and other illnesses. Along with disease awareness has come public education on disease prevention, most of all, by modification of the diet. People now take into account more than ever the amount of calories, fat, and sodium consumed. Other popular concerns include all natural ingredients and use of organic produce.

Amy, Chelsea and Gemma, all 17, work at Wildfire Restaurant, Glenelg. It is an all you can eat buffet service.

¡§Most of the time, people come into our work because they need to fill up. Our buffet is full of foods that you could easily prepare at home, there are a lot of Asian dishes, meats and vegetables, and the dessert bar is made up of things like ice-cream and fresh fruit. We think that people come to restaurants solely because of convenience. Why else would you pay so much money to eat things you could prepare at home?¡¨

In addition to healthy foods, consumers are requesting more multicultural meals. With minority populations growing at increasing rates, the mobility of consumers, and the globalization of the marketplace, consumer tastes are broadening to include many different cultures. When you look at a typical food court today, people expect to have a choice between Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Greek and other nationalities food on top of Australian take-away.

Looking at the changes in eating and food habits over the years it is clear that there are new trends and they are all leaning towards convenience. Due to our busy lifestyles, this seems to be the biggest factor when deciding what to eat. Healthiness is also a buzz when considering food options. People seem to be more aware than ever of the dangers of poor eating habits, diseases, obesity and sickness. This has caused a major increase in health foods available on the run. The trend will very likely continue to head towards more healthy ways, but with our lifestyles not slowing down, but getting busier, convenience foods don¡¦t seem to be going anywhere!

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