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PART 4- Short Response

List 5 ways a citizen can make a contribution to Australian Society.

• -represent people from their local area by nominating themselves up for local elections

• -be good ambassador overseas

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• -volunteer in local needy causes within the community

• -vote in elections

• -join forces such as the army, navy, air force to defend your country.

Research- The Gove Case

What those Citizens were trying to do

The aboriginal always had affinity to the land however it wasn't until post war period that the aboriginal action groups became more effective in seeking redress for the rights and lands. Further progress was made in 167 when a record 'Yes' vote meant that the Aboriginal people would be recognized and counted in the national census.

The Yirrkala people sought legal action against the Nabalco mining company with a goal of halting mining activity so that they could occupy the land unimpeded or destroyed.

Why they were doing it

The Yirrkala people attempted this because they were trying to draw attention to aboriginal land rights and the attraction the aboriginal people had with the land. They also wanted to flex their rights as citizens to speak out to the unfair ruling that had been put against them.

How they made a difference to Australian society

One positive outcome of the case was the establishment of the Woodward Commission of Inquiry into Aboriginal Land rights and its 175 recommendation to restore land rights to aboriginal peoples. 176 saw the passing of the Aboriginal Land rights but this was only effective in the Northern Territory. While the labour government under Whitlam favored self- determination for aboriginal people, progress in this area was affected by the dismissal of the Whitlam government. However the main point they achieved was the falsity of terra nullius.

How effective their efforts were

The Yirrkala people's efforts were rewarded with effective changes such as the passing of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act and the establishment of the Woodward Commission of Inquiry into Aboriginal Land Rights, although there was no real progress with the Labour party after they were dismissed. The Yirrkala people have also achieved respect and admiration from the public and drew vast attention from all over the country.

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