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I have been in this liquid for so long and it is starting to get cramped in here. ahhh that hirt. I think that was a contrction. There is a very hard thing going past my head I think that is the pelvise. I have one of them too, It is the only thing that will be able to make me walk when I get older. Then my little heart started to pump my blood than it has so far it was like I was having a heart attack. I was so warm inside the liquid of the womb and then when I was born I got very cold very quickly and then I saw two large figers standing in front of me and I think that was my Mum and Dad. Then the doctor put a tag on my right ankle and it hirt for a little bit then it must of got comfitable or very numb. Because my feet and my noise were the coldest parts of my body and it was like they were going to fall off. I think I am a very lucky child because 1 in 0 in old English times. My heart is not ready because there is a hole in it because the inbilical cord needed to get blood from my Mum to me. then when I was born there was a massive rush of blood to clot it or I could have bleed to death. My head was not finished because I would not fit through the pelvies.

First 6 Months


Mental note never let your Mum take you near a big blue ocean or a horrible man with shiny metal in his hands.

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One day Mum picked me up and took me to the big blue ocean and she started walking closer to the big blue ocean and then she through me in without even telling me. Then she jumped in after me and we swam around together and then when I was just starting to like it we both poped up together and got another vittle breath. The only thing stopping the water going down my wind pipe and into my lungs is a very spiecal reflex and it closes a vulve to stop water going into my lungs and drowning me. If someone put a pipe in front of my face I would just have to grab it and then when I wonted to let go my fingers would just not open. Anything outside a meter would be bluied or I would be seeing double which is not a good idea because you can not focuss on something.


Over the next few weeks you will learn to crawl and eventualy walk.

Crawling is a very powerful way of getting around and you average about two kilometers an hour and a distance of about two hundred meters in a day. You have no fear of hights when you crawl and you can mearsure a incline or decline to within two digrais by measureing it with your hands. I did the diaginal crawl how about you? The diaginal crawl is the most comine. But the Elephant crawl would be very slow and I would rather have the Elephant crawl because you wouldnt wont to get around fast.


The idea of walking is to get your hand free so that you can do other things. The way you stand up is by using the balance ogan in your eye and it feels very weard to start with because you fall over a lot.

1- years old

The best part of the first four years is you can start to move all by yourself. It hirts alot when your teeth come through and you need alot more food than you are getting at the moment to be exact more than double and half of the food you consum goes to your brain. I could now reach out and grab and then if I would like to I could let go. You grow more than double in size at this time in your life than you will in the rest of your life.


You learn to talk so you can get your food and your own way. I think the whole world is built on talking or way do we use it all the time. When you are very young you can learn to speak two or three diferant langurages at once. The only way you can talk is by waiting for your larix to drop. The reason way your larix is so low is because you can suckly and breath at the same time. If your larix that low for the rest of your life you can chook.

to 4 years old

When you are young you can learn 10 words or more a day. If you go to a preschool you should be haging your Mum because it was a good idea to go to preschool. A map is set in your mind to learn as many languages as you can because it gets harder as you set older. This is about the time you start lying so you can get out of trouble and you get very self confident and you dont think about anyone else.

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