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Family structure

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The Importance of Family Structure

A major responsibility for people who are soon to have families is to make sure that their children have the right tools to lead the world when they are old. Basic actions such as love, discipline, nurturing, affection, morals, and values are necessary to create a strong family structure. In order to be successful in the world today, it is important to have a strong family structure.

Without families, most people would be nothing. They would have no one to teach them the way or show them how to succeed in a world where success is somewhat important to being happy. Family relations are the earliest and most enduring social relationships. As a result, family life experiences deeply affect the competence, resilience, and well being of each of the individual (Conger 4). When people are born, they do not have the skills that would allow them to take care of themselves. There is no way that they can shape themselves into the type of person they would probably want to become. It is up to their parents to love them and teach them the life lessons that will remain with them for the rest of their life. Additionally, everything that composes a person's personality is derived from some type of lesson or experience that was taught when he or she was a young child. These lessons will be remembered until death. That is why mothers and fathers have the hardest job on earth.

Parents not only take care of themselves, but they have the responsibility to shape their children into people that will make them proud. The most basic essential that a child needs is love. People want to feel like someone cares in some way or another. When they do not feel love, they often have trouble dealing with it mentally. Families provide the context for some of the most severe violence in our society, and for long-term patterns of physical and emotional abuse that can have dire effects on the mental health of adults and children (Vaught ). In order to love something or someone, love must first be received. This usually starts at an early age, when children are shown by their parents what it is like to be loved and to love something. Nurturing and affection are also incorporated with love. Both of these are important in raising a child.

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Another important attribute in creating a strong family structure is discipline. If parents do not have discipline then a child will not learn right from wrong. Parents should teach their children that some things in life are not good and that they must make a smart decision when they are faced with the choice of doing the right thing or the wrong thing. Furthermore, when children do something wrong, parents must discipline them because if they are not told that it was wrong, then they will do it again without hesitation. Discipline also shows children the value of taking responsibility for their actions, something that is very important in life.

Morals and values are extremely important to teach young children because they will use them daily. Every single day a situation will come up that will test the morals and values of a child. And if they was never taught, then the decision could be costly. Everyday situations such as telling the truth, having proper manners, taking responsibility for your actions, and knowing what is right and what is wrong, will be a challenge because people who are successful usually have good morals and values. They must make certain decisions that can cost them in their business or their personal life.

Without love, discipline, morals, values, nurturing, and affection, children will have a hard time dealing with the pressures of life. Whether it is when they are youngsters trying to make friends, or as adults making very important decisions about a business or the family, it has to do with the ideas and lessons that were planted in their heads a long time ago. Without a strong family structure, many people will have a hard time coping with the reality of everyday life.

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