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Madonna and britany

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Final Paper

A beautiful young performer named Britany Spears and well known singer named Madonna. What do these two Hollywood stars have in common? In this paper I hope to present the many ways these two singers musical careers are alike.

Madonna Louise Ciccone was borne August 16, 158 in Bay City Michigan. Throughout her high school and brief college experiences Madonna excelled in dance and drama. Madonna started her career off by modeling, which then led her to moving to France. Two years later after arriving in France she joined a show with Patrick Hernandez, a disco singer. This is where Madonna met a man by the name of Dan Gilroy. Both Madonna and Gilroy became part of a band called "The Breakfast Club." It wasn't until 180 when Madonna and drummer boyfriend received their first Emmy. Together, Madonna and Gilroy made club tracks which in return led to a recording deal with Sire Records.

In 18 Madonna made her first U.S. club hit with the recorded song "Everybody." A year later her song "Holiday" reached the Top 0 and a following year after that the Top 10 in Europe. But it wasn't until 184 when Madonna recorded her well known hit "Like A Virgin" which received 11 U.S. number one hits. After this song came out her tough, independent, sexual persona was now being seen by audiences every where. Some thought that she was in fact trying to mimic Marilyn Monroe's image. (

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Through 185 to 187 Madonna turned out five Top singles, "Without You", "Into the Groove", "Live to Tell", "Pappa Don't Preach", and "True Blue". Along with her music career, Madonna began appearing in some rather awful movies. But after filming some poorly reviewed movies she added more controversy by releasing the video for "Like a Prayer." In this video it created links between "religion and eroticism", it was later condemned by the Vatican and Coca Cola cancel their sponsorship with Madonna. (

In 10 her career once again progressed, Madonna starred in the blockbuster movie "Dick Tracy." Along with her movie success Madonna also turned out some music hits such as "Vogue", "Hanky Panky", "Justify My Love", "Rescue Me", and my all time favorite "This Used To Be My Playground" (from the movie A League of Their Own, which she had a role in). Later on in the 10s Madonna returned with another number one single "Take a Bow." This song now changed her music style from more to just pop music, she now had songs that had pop, R&B, and hip-hop. Then she came with a slower type of rhythm, presenting the song "You'll See."

Madonna came up with another way to shock the American public besides racy lyrics and videos, she now mellowed out and starred in the movie/musical Evita. That same year she became pregnant with her first child Eva Ciccone Leon. The public soon realized how Madonna had matured and learned a new richness of music. She came back strong with songs "Ray of Light" and "Nothing Really Matters." In addition she produced the song "Beautiful Stranger" for the movie Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged ME. Another well known song she came out with later that year was the reworking of the classic "American Pie." When talking about recent works of music she performed the theme song for the new James Bond movie Die Another Day, which she also had a minor roll in. Finally her most recent song that has just come out this month is "American Life."

Now that I have given an overview of Madonna's music career, I will now talk about Briteny Spears. Britney Jean Spears was born on December , 181 in a small town named Kentwood, Louisiana. Briteny's first professional career began when she was 8 years old, she tried out for the Mickey Mouse Club. Although producers said she was too young, one producer spotted her potential and he found her an agent in New York. She then spent the next three years studying at the Dance Center and at the Professional Performing Arts School in New York. With this new found education of performing arts she landed a part in the off-Broadway production "Ruthless."

At the age of eleven, Briteny's was signed onto the Mickey Mouse club for two years until the cancellation of the show. When the show was cancelled she returned home and went to school for a year, but she could not handle being out of the "biz." A executive at Jive heard a demo tape by Briteny's at 15 years old and signed her. By 18, her first album actually became complete with the oh so famous song "Hit me Baby One More Time" which became a number one spot on the Billboard charts. Because her song was one of the best selling albums of that year, she earned a Grammy nomination for "Best New Artist."(Briteny's Spears Web)

Briteny's second album, which appeared in 000, sold 1. million copies the first week of its release (which beat Mariah Carey's record for the highest first-week sales). The main song that gained her a nomination for the Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance at the 4rd Annual Grammy Awards, this album was "Oops!..I Did It Again." It wasn't until her second album, which was self titled Briteny, that she started getting bad publicity. People began attacking her newly sexual appearance, claiming that she was a bad roll model for kids. The truth was that Briteny grew up and stopped producing the "bubble-gum pop" and moved toward techno type songs. These new popular songs are "Im A Slave 4 U", "Overprotected", "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman." Two song in which appeared in her movie debut Crossroads. Her latest song "Boys" was made for the movie Austin Powers Goldmember (which she had a small cameo in).

Now you might be asking yourself what do these two artists have in common? They both started off their careers at a young age, both studying performing arts. They both have been ridiculed for their raciness of their songs and appearances (although they both have a good amount of number one records). Lastly these two performers have changed the dynamics of there songs. Madonna went from just pop type music to R&B, hip-hop, and now rap and Briteny went from the "bubble-gum pop" to techno style pop.

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