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Imagine a world where studying marine biology meant taking a trip under the ocean, a foreign language class took place in that country, and you could take a Magic School Bus into the human body to learn about anatomy. This world would make things come alive and tingle your senses to the point of no return. We could delve into topics and get a better sense of what we are learning. This is exactly the kind of learning I am talking about when I mention the Close-Up program.

The first night we got into Washington, D.C. we were given a night on the town to explore and figure out our nations capital by ourselves. We toured the Lincoln Memorial where we learned that the monument isn't just a big statue of Lincoln. There are huge inscriptions along the walls. History is not only in facts and numbers and dates. It's in experience the people those making it had and trying to feel those same emotions for yourself.

In government class we discuss a broad range of issues as you very well may know. During Close-Up we had this same opportunity to debate. The discussions at Close-Up, however, provided for a nice change of pace from our regular talks and gave us a wider range of opinions on the issues. This fact can most evidently be attributed to the wide diversity in students attending the week-long seminar. In my group alone we had students all the way from Maine to the coast of California. We got more perspective

on how other people in the nation feel on issues rather than just our sprawling little communities point of view. Although we talked about a lot of issues and court cases that we had went over in class, we also discussed a range of topics that were new to us. We talked about international affairs and new legislation.

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During the week we had a topical seminar where we got to pick seminar we wanted to go to. The seminar I decided on attending was called the Patriot Act. This of course is the slew of legislation focused on terrorists. Most of this legislation I found to be quite funny, but I found the punch-line to come at the end of the bills. One bill proposed that it was alright to perform searches and seizures in areas where no warrant has been issued. Another proposed the examination of high school student's essays to learn if they plan any attacks. Another said we should make it legal in times of crisis to lock up any and all foreign persons visiting our nation. Another said we should suspend terrorists suspects right to habeus corpus while another said we should give them mandatory time in jail. Note that this last bill said nothing about terrorists suspects being convicted of anything, just that they are suspected and should be punished.

As I read through these bills pointing out the inhumanity and insanity of whoever wrote these bills I started thinking to myself. Since when is our court guilty until proven innocent, since when do we not cherish the freedom of expression during the learning process in our schools, since when do we not treat everyone fairly under the law. I soon found out that the bills were not laughing matter. Everyone one of the proposed bills I just mentioned had already passed Congress.

During the seminar I found people who strongly supported these bills. During this trip I was able to attain a heightened sense of the importance of debate in our government. Although I strongly disagreed with the other side, the question arises, "What if there were no opposing forces?" We would have a government with no controversy and only one person or a small group of people would make the decisions. These decisions can be viewed as either good or bad on whether they coincide with your beliefs and ideas or not. Debate causes you to confront another idea on an issue it causes you to defend why you believe what you do and eventually helps you explain to yourself why you want certain things. Debate is good for America. It gives everyone a say. Close-Up gives you this better handle on government by showing you how difficult, slow, childish, ugly, and wonderful our government really is and I would suggest to anyone to go on it, if only for the sight-seeing.

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