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Napoleon Bonaparte was born on the island on Corsica on August 15, 176. Corsica was mostly populated by Italians. Napoleons father was part of the local nobility but had little money. Seeing that there was little opportunity for his son to get up in life on that island, he sent him to a French military school in which he was an outcast. Napoleon grew up not speaking French and hating them overall. As part of the jury, I take part in the decision of him being guilty of being a power hungry dictator or of being a ruler of the people and for the people.

Napoleon is said to be one of the greatest French leaders of all time. Napoleon created an empire that covered most of Central and Western Europe. He proved himself as a talented administrator, he created the Code Napoleon. The Code Napoleon enclosed seven laws in which incorporated the sanctity of family and some of the freedoms gained by the French during their revolution including religious toleration and the abolition of serfdom. He also created the Code of Civil procedure which insured widespread user if mediation in the courts and the laws. Napoleon also Centralized France's government by dividing France and appointing people to administer regions in which he called departments. The government in effect was very strong and efficient. Napoleon established both the Bank of France and the French bourse (stock exchange), he also established the National and Departmental Tax Boards which ensured equitable taxation for all, which in effect the income of the French went up at an incredible rate. Under his supervision, over twenty thousand miles of imperial and twelve thousand miles of regional roads were completed, including the Great Cornice. Almost a thousand miles of canals were built. Harbors were also dredged and expanded at many ports. Napoleon beautified France with the construction of boulevards, bridges and monuments, he also saved the Louvre. He preserved monuments such as the Imperial Cathedral of Speyer created by Luther, while he created the great cathedral of Cologne. As for religion, Napoleon ended schism and restored the Catholic Church to France. He also insured freedom of religions and equality to the Protestant sects. He created the Imperial University to administer French education; he established the Professional school of midwifery, the first school of Obstetrics and also the School of Veterinary Sciences.

Though Napoleon was an accomplished leader, who made great reforms to France while ruling, he brought about his own downfall. His collapse came partly from his pride and stubbornness also from feelings of nationalism and from economic hardship, there was also a bitter reaction to the taxes which he imposed throughout his empire. Though he was an inspirational and dramatic leader, he was also cynical and demanding. Napoleon would not be satisfied with just ruling France, at first he tried to seize land in North America, but failed and soon set his sights on Europe. The arrest of pope and the continental system were also some factors that upset his people. When Napoleon came back to his throne for the second time, he promised his people a more peaceful land. Napoleon fell because he betrayed his people and did not keep his word with them. In the Peninsular War, Napoleon lost Spain and Portugal, this damaged his prestige. After promising his people that he was not going to war again, he planned an attack on Wellington at Waterloo. With this war, not only did he betray his people, but vastly outnumbered, he was defeated. For the second time on June , known as the Hundred Days he was exiled to St. Helena, an isolated island off the coast of France.

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In conclusion, from the research in which I have compiled, I vote the Napoleon is not guilty. Although he brought his country to war many times and went back on his word, he also did a lot for France. Napoleon restored everything in France, from their education system to the economy. I think that Napoleon was just a little too over ambitious. The most important thing is that he helped the country more that he did harm to them. This is my opinion from my research; it may change after the trial.

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