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Racial Profiling

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Racial Profiling

November 5, 00

Have you ever walked down a street and judged a person based on the way he or she looked? This is, what we know today as, Racial Profiling. Racial Profiling is the act of looking at a person and deciding racially if a person is good, bad, right, or wrong. Is racial profiling the right way to judge a person and or country of a different race, due to the factors of today's society and on our many worldly views, based on equality of many races and their actions. The aim of this paper is to view the fact of racial profiling as a combination of judgment and equality of rights of different countries and people, but also how it is measured whether or not by the way they act. Many main topics are discussed about this tragic point such as racial and equal rights, judging certain people based on others actions, and making decisions about countries or groups based on their leaders actions. Morally it is not right to judge a book by its cover, so therefore, it is not right to base your opinion of a person strictly because of their looks.

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There are many different views of today's society and no two people have one alike. A lot of people think certain someone's should not have the same equality of rights as them. One of the many factors of racial profiling is local, state, and national law enforcement. Many studies through the history of a few years has proved what many have known for decades law enforcement agents of all levels consistently use race, ethnicity, national origin, and religion when choosing which individuals should be stopped and searched. Certain states are beginning to examine this discriminatory practice. These racial profiling acts occur when local, state, and national police departments pulled over innocent suspects strictly based on what they are looking at while driving passed them and for no good reason at all. It is not really an issue of who really gets stopped, but why they get stopped and how they are treated like uncivil people. Many agreements came about after an investigation of police records were revealed that African American and Latinos drove three-fourths of the vehicles stopped and searched on state highways. Based on these investigations of racial profiling, I believe it is wrong what these law enforcement officers are using their powers for by arresting or pulling over innocent victims.

In the aftermath of Sept. 11 racial profiling towards Arabs and people of Middle Eastern decent has increased dramatically. A year after this act of terrorism people of Middle Eastern decent has had it rough and have been targeted for special scrutiny. For example, many Arabs have been asked to leave an airplane and escorted off for no reason, but because of their appearance. Also many Sikh Americans have been asked to remove their turbans even though that is a highly aggravated violation to their religion. Based on these allegations of racial profiling, I believe it is wrong what these government officials are using their powers for by violating religious heritage and dismissing innocent people. We all know that the act of terrorism on our country was very harsh, but it also goes both ways for all those cruel people who badger innocent human beings for where they come from and what family traditions and heritages they have. Even though our nation was crumbled, we were not crushed and we will regain our power, rebuild our lives, and move on as stronger people.

Throughout Americas history there has been many racists groups such as the KKK, Black Panthers, Nazis, and so on. These particular groups had a strict way of living in the style they believed in. They all had a certain view or opinion on mainly one type of person or group of people. For example, the KKK hated blacks, the Black Panthers did not care for whites mainly because of equal rights purposes, and the Nazis thought there was only one type of perfect person and that was one whom had blonde hair and blue eyes and all others were the devils children. A new group has been brought forward now that the act of terrorism occurred on -11 and that is the group known as Al Khida. There is still no reason for what all of these unforgivable people have done. Another couple individuals had the thought of going around and shooting people. Now that this unknown sniper has been caught it is now known that he is from Middle Eastern decent and nothing can be explained at this point in the investigation. All we can say about these uncivilized humans is that it is done and over with, but now we need to move on and succeed in the future even though it was all morally wrong.

As human beings and based on the constitution we all have the right to our own opinion on other people, but we should not judge people whether they are good or bad, neither by the way they dress, act, by their cultural traditions, or just by their overall appearance. After viewing over all the situations of racial profiling I have a change of thought and this way of looking at someone is a very wrong way to judge a certain person or group. If you are a United States citizen of any race you should not have to be hassled all the time because of your way of life or your cultural background. I some what agree in some parts of racial profiling, but it is still the wrong thing to do. For instance, put yourself in their shoes, would you like it done to you, I know you would not. So, in the contrast of the situation, would you want some one to judge you strictly on your outside looks or based on who you really are, a proud citizen of your country? Think about it, make the right decision, and treat your fellow citizen of any race or color with the same rights you want to be treated.

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