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Le Pen's Right Wing Party

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Our presentation is on the rise of the Far Right Wing Extremist Party within France.

Why did Msr Le Pen's Far Right Party win more than 0% (6 million votes) of the votes in the first round of the French Presidential election in 00?


Many French people fear that their country is losing its soul. They feel threatened by the rise in crime which has been associated with the rise of immigration over the last few years.

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As you can see from the figures the French people do have a need for concern. As the rate of immigration has risen so has the rate in crime.

Le Pen said in a press conference speech

"Massive immigration has only just begun. It is the biggest problem facing France, Europe and probably the World. We risk being submerged".

As you can see from this speech Le Pen appeals to the insecurities of the wider masses. The French are stalwartly proud of being French and one of their greatest fears with the growing of the European Superstate is their loss of cultural and national identity. This is not helped by the constant onslaught of many varied cultures being introduced into their society. With the increasing levels of immigration they see their "Frenchness" as being eroded before their eyes.

With Le Pens warnings of the threat to the French way of life from immigrants (especially from North Africa) his share of the presidential vote rose from 0.74% in 174 to 14% in 188 and 15% in 15.

So where does the majority of Le Pens support come from? It has traditionally stemmed from the rural areas, where tradition and culture is at its strongest. The larger cities of France, especially Paris, are already seen as "embracing" the "New Europe" and have moved into a more multi-cultural and multi-racial society. With the boom in Industry more workers were need and so immigration for single men was encouraged. The change in immigration law then meant that the families of the immigrant workers were allowed to join their men-folk. The National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies stated that

"Most of the immigrants in France before 175 were seeking jobs; most who arrived after 175 were joining their families".

However, the people in the rural areas feel they have strong ties to their French culture and have tended to follow an enigmatic leader that has appealed to their ways. Le Pen has promised to keep the old traditions and cultures very much alive. He has promised to uphold the tradition of small family businesses and small holding with the abolition of inheritance tax. Le Pen received percent of the votes of small tradesmen and artisans. He also increased his vote from those living in working class and lower-middle-class suburbs plagued by social problems. In many such areas Le Pen came in first, ahead of Chirac and Jospin.

Relatively few votes for Le Pen came from the youth, with only 1 percent of all voters below the age of 5 supporting him. In contrast, his percentage among the age group above 65 more than doubled, rising from percent to 1 percent.

Voters were asked which issues had prompted them to vote for Le Pen. For 7 percent, it was the question of law and order however 45% then associated this problem primarily with immigration.

He also promised to take France out of the EU and stated that

"The European Superstate has reduced the French presidency to a kind of regional governship, and small businesses are being driven to the wall".

Chirac said that the fight against illegal immigration was a major responsibility for the state. At a speech in Montigny-Les Bretonneux ( Yvelines) on 14/04/5? Chirac argued that illegal immigration feeds intolerance and extremism and that France, home of the Rights of Man, the fatherland of freedom, must adopt a straightforward but resolute attitude including the use of our judical arsenal and repressive means. Financial assistance would be given to those who wanted to be voluntarily repatriated.

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