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Wuthering heights Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 opens with Mr Lockwood arriving at Thrushcross Grange the property nearest Wuthering Heights. He visits Heathcliff, his landlord, and receives a cool reception after attempting to make conversation with him. Lockwood takes a strange amiability towards Heathcliff even though he is unwelcoming, stern and silent. "'Mr Heathcliff?' I said. A Nod was the answer". Victorians often visited one another as a form of entertainment so it is unusual for Heathcliff to be so uninviting. Lockwood is then left alone in the room with several viscous dogs that attack him. He is 'saved' by the housekeeper. Eventually, Heathcliff warms to Mr Lockwood, and offers "a glass of wine?". Even though the visit was not very sociable from the outset, he agreed to visit heathcliff the following day. From the first chapter, the reader can establish the character Heathcliff and his personality. He appears to have a tough, lonely exterior without embracing anyone around him perhaps because of what happened in his unknown past. Heathcliff's icy disposition, however, is still found attractive and amiable by Lockwood, "my heart warmed towards him", suggesting that he is strange for choosing to warm to people with displeasing characteristics. The tone of chapter 1 is optimistic and mysterious as the reader is unsure of the character Heathcliff, and why he must feel so isolated and unsociable. This mysterious side of the chapter links in with the definite gothic influences of the time, especially where Lockwood meets the child "spectre", as Heathcliff could be seen similar to a spirit with his "black eyes withdraw…suspiciously under their brows". This gothic influence can also be interpreted from the description of the exterior of Wuthering Heights "grotesque carving…crumbling griffins". Bronte describes in this way to heighten the eerie ambience of the estate, foreboding the appearance of Catherine. Bronte has been criticised for not forming strong character development but favouring atmosphere and tension; "The atmosphere of the book obscures the elements of character" W C Roscoe, July 1857. I disagree with this as in the short opening chapter she has made Heathcliff develop from his stern, armoured and reserved exterior into a welcoming, intellectual and sociable person. "I found him very intelligent".

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