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In contrast with these families, it can be taken in to account that a Marxist would have disapproved of these differences and a Social Darwinist would have approved. In other words, a Marxist would try and change the differences in these painting and make them more equal, while a Social Darwinist would prefer that they remain as they are, separated into the ways.

A Marxist is someone who would want to help people. Each member of the family provides whatever help they can to help the family and they all benefit equally from it. For example, it looks like in the one painting with the poor family; they are all helping out each other and have a system going. Someone's tending to the children with someone else is cleaning the dishes. They're all helping each other out. In these two paintings, a Marxist would see that there is a problem with the class segregation. Basically that the bourgeoisie had reduced everything as a matter of money. For example, like in the one picture with the small upper class family, they're sitting in a room with expensive furniture and they're dressed with elegant clothing and such. They're not helping each other out, and that's what a Marxist would see as a difference. Marxist would also try to help these conditions in that everyone would have a job and equally share the money, this way the wealth would equal out causing them not to be as segregated. Again, they would all be helping each other.

A Social Darwinist is opposite what a Marxist is, a Social Darwinist is someone who believes in the survival of the fittest. They believe that the poor should die, for the poor were the "ill-fated and weak" with the rich were the "prosperous and strong". A Social Darwinist would see the painting with the upper class and see that they were the strong ones and that they deserve to be where they're at. Then the Social Darwinist would look at the next picture and see that it's a big poor family. They would automatically see that the difference is that the poor are the weak and obviously do deserve to survive. A Social Darwinist wouldn't help these poor people or anything because they strictly believe in survival of the fittest.

In conclusion, a Marxist and Social Darwinist are opposites in thinking and thus have very different views on how to account for the differences in the conditions of these two different families. Thus, a Marxist would want people helping people instead of people fending for themselves and survival of the fittest

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