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movement as well as other actions.

Education was greatly influenced by Christianity during 1788 through to 100. Settlers concerned to leave religious divisions in Britain believed that ties between church and state should be eradicated and that churches be supported by their own followers. Subsequently, with numerous denominations supporting this idea, concerns were partly met by the granting of financial aid to the major religious groups, including the Church of England. Individuals churches used this aid to maximise its religious and educational influence. Governor Bourke later extended the state financial aid and attempted to introduce government schools based on the national system in his native Ireland. However, non-Anglican Protestants, who had formed in 185 a society for promoting schools where the Bible would be a basis for general education, insisted on its wider use in the proposed national schools than was permitted in the Irish system. Catholics supported the Governors proposal which further angered the Protestants. The successive alliance between the Anglicans and the Protestant denominations favourably brought about an anti-Catholic move to condemn concessions to a religious minority at the expense of national school systems based on the religious teachings of the Bible.

In 18, when Bishop Broughtons agenda was completely revealed, it was brought public that he intended to include the teachings of Anglican evangelists. This was revealed when Governor Gipps attempted to enforce a Bible-based national system and separate Catholic schools. Broughton successfully organised a commotion against this plan in favour of the continuation of state support for Anglican schools. Using this success, Protestants called for government aid for their own educational programs. When an elite committee of the New south Wales Legislative Council proposed the Irish system in1846, Catholics, concerned that the schools could become completely empowered by Protestants, joined Anglicans and other denominations, especially Wesleys, in opposing it. A compromise in 1848 agreed to separate denominational and Irish-type national schools.

Although this view was strongly supported, some influential colonists wanted the financial aid to end in order to eliminate duplication and ensure that public instruction was controlled and financed by each colonial government. Christians and secularists combined with politicians to bring an end to this form of state aid.

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This was a major knock back to the influence of the Protestant churches. Even though secondary schools and universities were to be strong influences on colonial powers, the Roman Catholic Church showed that a strong cultural and religious influence could be provided by their schools.

By the end of the nineteenth century an influential Catholic school system was in place in every colony, continuing the work of religious orders like the Australian-founded Josephites, the Marist and Christian Brothers who came to Australia at the invitation of bishops such as Polding and Moran. Lutherans also had their own school system, but in comparison to the Catholic system, was quite small. Many Protestants argued that such denominational schools were sectarian, but Catholics insisted that it was a matter of conscience to have schools based on religious principles in every part of the curriculum. They claimed that they were denied justice by the Protestant majority because they paid taxes for public schools that they could not in conscience send their children to, while at the same time having to finance their own schools.

This shows the influence Christianity had on education during 1788-100 and how at times caused conflict between Christian denominations who were adamant to have ultimate control in Australian society and to enforce their own Christian teachings.

From this it is seen that Christian authority and influence was decreasing when it came to public morality. Towards the late 1800s public morality was becoming of less importance in comparison to the early 1800s. Despite this, Christianity still had a major influence on morality because Christian leaders had gained high status and power and therefore could exert pressure on people and enforce rules and regulations that all must abide by.

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