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Fear paper

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Fear Paper


I remember one sunny day when I was in 6th grade. It was the day my dad told me I was getting a dirt bike. So we went to Honda factory on 8 and I picked one out it was a Honda Xr 100 R. My dirt bike is white. The seat on the dirt bike is red with white writing saying Xr 100. It has stickers on the white gas tank that says XR in white, red, and black. We put it in the back of his truck, and we bought it home that day.

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We took it out and then he taught me how to ride it. How to use the cultch and when o shift by the engines noise. I got really good at that so then I asked him if I could bring it over to my next door neighbor's house. So we cold rid together since he has a dirt bike. His dirt bike is a Yamaha 80. It was silver with a black seat. My dad said yes. So I took my dirt bike over to Steve's house and he has a big back yard it is an acre from the front yard all the way until the fence in the back yard the same size as mine but mine has a lot of trees his back yard does not have many trees at all. I started out riding mine. I was doing really good riding smooth feeding the clutch right. Then I went on Steve's bike which is smaller then mine. He rode mine I rode his. I was doing well on his. Then we where flying around in his backyard and all oh the sudden I went to hit the brakes ad they did not work I kept on hitting and slamming my foot on to the brake lever on the right side right by the foot pegs. I did not stop and bam! I hit the fence head first, I was really scared right before I hit the fence because I thought I was going to get really hurt. I was aright until I was going to get up my arm just glazed the tire. The throttle was jammed into the ground and it was turned backwards which made the tire move. I got up with my arm badly burned. So I run to my house trying to get gauze on it, ice, and all that medical stuff. I tried to hide it from my dad so he did not get mad. Then I could not take the pain anymore so I got my dad, and he cleaned it out really good and wrapped it up for me. My dad did not want to tell me mom about it. Since my mom did not want me to get my dirt bike in the first place. She was just worried and she was wondering if I was ok.

I was fine and to this day I still ride it ad I have only crashed two other times after that the other two crashes where not bad at all. I was scared from that crash because I could have died from hitting the fence head first.

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