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Of mice and men

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Of Mice and Men is a book about a strong relationship between two friends. They do all their traveling together and watch out for each other. In this story they run into many difficult times, but manage as best they can. They find jobs wherever they can, and often find themselves living hand-to-mouth. Not only do they help each other out financially, but they help each other out emotionally and spiritually.

The story is centered around two characters mainly. George is a man who doesnt prefer to show emotion. He is stern with Lennie and basically just tries to keep him out of trouble. He takes care of his friend, Lennie, because of a promise he made to Lennies aunt. He does his best to take care of Lennie and even loves him, but it is very difficult for him to do so. His patience with Lennie is often tested. Lennie is really innocent and naive to the way the world works. He doesnt understand how some people can be deceiving or treacherous. Part of his understanding (or lack thereof) is due to mental problems. Lennie is mentally hadicapped. Despite Lennies handicap he is very big in heart. He is like a child. He looks up to George very much.

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The way George and Lennie became a team was a promise that George made to lennies aunt Clara. She was dying and George

promised her hed take care of Lennie. They set off together to find work. Because of Lennies handicap it is hard for them to find work. Finally Lennie is quiet in an interview and he and George score jobs They do farm labor. During their work their people come to find out about Lennies state but dont really pay attention to it. The one who does bring things up is the boss son Curly. He makes things as hard for lennie as he can.

Then One day when all the workers are playing horseshoes Lennie is sitting in the barn. He was petting a puppy,and he tends to

pet things really hard because he is so bi. He loves to feel things that are soft. Then Curlys wife came in. She is a girl that flirts with all

the men and doesnt present herself very well. Then she tells Lennie how soft her hair is and asks if he would like to feel it. He did. Then when he started to pull her hair she screamed and scared him. Because he was so scared he got kind of violent and broke her neck. Then they found her body. Everyone was looking for him after he ran away. George remembered where he told Lennie where to go if he was in trouble. He found Lennie there. Lennie told him what happened then George began to talk about life whan they would own acres of land. Then Lennie began talking about it to. When Lennie began to get really into it George pointed a gun to the bak of his head and shot him.

The point the author was trying to get across was that friendship is one of the most important things in our lives. He was trying to show that side of people that expresses compassion, loyalty and love for eachother. This story teaches us that despite the hardships and trials in life there are always those things or people in life pushing us and trying to get us through. It shows that no matter our situation we always have people in our lives that care so much about us that they will do whatever they can to help us no matter how much it hurts them. It also showed that we as humans arent all bad, but have a compassionate side.

What I liked about the book was the relationship George and Lennie had with each other. George took care of Lennie and loved him like a brother. He felt bad about Lennie having life so hard. I think the thing that showed how much he ached for the trouble in Lennies life is when he shot him at the end.That hurt him a lot, but he felt that was Lennies only way out. Then Lennie completely looked up to him and idolized him. The passage that showed this was when They were eating and he asked for ketchup. George got mad and Lennie was really upset that George was mad at him. Then he started crying and telling George that he was sorry and didnt want any ketchup and if he had some hed give it all to George. This story was excellent at showing how much people can care about each other. I really liked the way the author put the story together and made it so good. It was entertaining, but at the same time I learned from it.

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