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Search For Justice

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Search of Justice

Teaching people morals is one of the most significant principles through all the literatures. Writers always try to give the readers a valuable lesson through their writings. These writings are always expressed in a form of stories or real experiences. The natural virtues are prudence, temperance, fortitude, and justice according to the dialogues between Socrates and his followers. Justice seems to be the most noteworthy moral among the others. Without justice, even the good people would want to be unjust because they know it well that they are going to be taken advantage if they stay good. In order to teach people morality, a definition agreed by everyone is needed. However, since everyone has a different point of view of this world, it is very hard to draw a line to separate the rights and wrongs. In the Republic, recorded by Plato and Medea, by Euripides both have show the purpose of educating the readers of justice, even though they are expressed very differently; Euripides is doing it indirectly by telling a story that is full of injustice and inequality, while Plato is simply trying to do it directly through dialogues. These two literatures are going to be used to show the theme, "Finding the universal definition of justice is one of the important goals of literatures."

In the Republic, Socrates and his followers were discussing the definition of justice and a lot of different situations were given to Socrates to decide which is justright and correct. The example given was about borrowing and returning. In general, returning something what one friend has lent from the other friend is the always correct thing. It is easy to understand this because it would not be the right if a person borrows and never returns. It would basically make the borrower have no difference to a robber, who is one kind of criminals. (Plato, n.d., 1c)

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However, when the owner has gone out of his mind, would returning a borrowing weapon to that him still be a right thing to do? (Plato, n.d., 1c) The answer for this question would be clear only if the both the borrower and the owner know how the object is going to be used, but in this case, while the object is a weapon and the owner is not sane, this could lead to serious resultsomebody might get hurt from this supposingly correct step, harm might be done to the other or the owner or all. This concept also applies that; a person should not lend another a weapon if he knows the object is going to be used in harmful way; even he understands it will be returned with no damage, reversely.

A simple right action could wrong at certain situations. It is proven that a right action is only right at certain circumstances. It is concluded that a friend should do his friend's good and never harm, therefore one should not return or borrow a risky object to the insane person even it belongs to that person or is going to be returned to the owner. (Plato, n.d., [a]) It is shown that Socrates and his students were trying to find the precise definition by suggesting different conditions for initially just action.

Medea is a tragic play about how Medea was taking a revenge on Jason, his unfaithful husband, by using their own children to kill the new couple. In this book, rather than showing justice, Euripides chose to show the oppositeinjusticeto emphasize the origin. The injustice in this story was shown by the innocent children, the bride and the bride's father, who were all killed by Medea. At the end of the story, not only Medea did not get any punishment, but she was showing her pride because she has succeeded to carry out her evil plan.

The story started with Medea being the blamelessly heartbroken wife who is seeing her own husband betraying her and getting a new wife. As the story developed, instead of getting exile outside the country by the king, father of Jason's new bride, Medea has decided to kill the king, the girl and her own husband in order to have them suffered for what she has had tasted. "There are still trials come for the new-wedded pair, and for their relations pain it will mean something," (Euripides, 1, p.1) said by Medea, the word trial showed that Medea wants to put the new couple in justice, she wants to prove that they are guilty. Nevertheless, the truth is known that Medea is actually the guilty one because she has killed innocent people and her own flesh blood, which makes these murders crueler than ever.

"God, and God's daughter, justice, and light of Helius! Now, friends, has come the time of my triumph over my enemies, and now my foot is on the road. Now I am confident they will pay the penalty," (Euripides, 1, p.5) in this sentence, Medea has dared to call out God's name, who is supposed to be justified on everything, and Helius, who is the god of sun and also had a few mistresses to see her future victory of giving the new couple miserable pain and memories. She either thinks or does not care God would agree with her actions. The word "penalty" creates an irony here because Medea is the one who should be disciplined. Euripides has let the readers to know how it would feel when justice exists on the wrong side in order to bring out the importance of justice.

Justice is needed to keep one society in order. It is hard to find one definition for justice because everyone's senses of rightness and wrongs are very different. They also change from time to time. When exceptions happen, a right thing might not be right, or the wrong thing might become right. Justice is not as simple as telling the colors black and white apart. From The Republic, by Plato, it is shown that justice can not be said to just anymore when exception comes along; and Medea, by Euripides has revealed a world without justice to the readers and let them decide the importance of it. Since justice is so important to everyone, laws are made to protect us from being treated differently. It is understood that the meaning of justice is always defined by the majority. These two sources have proved that "finding a universal definition of justice is one of the important goals of literatures."

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