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Solving Problems

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Solving Problems

1.Suggest some changes to the system which would allow Bettina to reduce her workload while still maintaining good communication to all concerned.

Although it is always better to foresee and prevent a problem than to wait until they burst into the open it is sometimes a luxury all are not afforded. Bettina has just taken on a new position and a problem already exists within the company.

She is at the first stage of problem solving, recognising that an improvement problem exists within her company. As it is quite a complex problem a good starting place would be in drawing up a problem statement, a clear statement can be obtained by using a problem statement grid. If any distinctive features appear such as ¡§Branch managers never getting feedback¡¨ it will be highlighted and could give strong clues to the cause(s).

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It will help to gather as much information as possible, this will be useful when generating possible solutions and establishing what the constraints-the restrictions -are on the solution are. Therefore she needs to speak to the Chairman, branch Managers, Salesmen, and all staff concern who submit figures to her. This information will allow her to define the problem precisely and she will see it from more than one viewpoint.

With the consent and help of these people a Brainstorming session would be of great benefit. This could be carried out in two sessions

„h the first wide-spread, uncritical and creative;

„h the second critical and focused.

This route will help Bettina and her team avoid making false assumptions because all those concerned will be forced to consider all options and constantly ask the question -Why?

From these meetings her team can draw up an action plan showing who will do what, when and how.

Any solution that they may come to must be

„h effective

„h efficient

„h viable

The best solutions can be selected by testing them against objectives, which can be thought of in terms of levels

„h Must objectives

„h Want objectives

„h Would like objectives

It is obvious that too much information is being collated every week and very important figures have become irrelevant and meaningless. Feedback to all concerned is carried out rarely and sporadically.

Delegation of work is not being carried out by the branch managers and perhaps a possible solution that could be reached is as follows

To have all information entered on branch computers by those carrying out specific tasks i.e. salesmen enter discounts given, mechanics enter parts and serving details, receptionists log enquires made etc.

At the end of each calendar month these figures can be checked by branch managers prior to their sending to the accounts office.

Then Bettina will have a lot more time to process this information and send relevant and meaningful information to all parties on a monthly basis.

This would mean

„h branch Managers receiving information on how they are performing compared to previous months and against other branches in respects of sales.

„h Management teams seeing a more detailed breakdown of costs. They will be able to re-act to potential problems on a monthly basis rather than a once or twice yearly basis.

„h Workshops seeing how much they contribute to profits.

„h Individual Salesmen seeing how they are performing as a branch team and against each other.

A solution such as this will make

„h Staff more aware of their need to perform.

„h Branch Managers more aware of their need to motivate and lead their team.

„h Management teams more aware of the car sales they need to achieve within the car sector and the importance of giving regular feedback to branch managers.

„h Chairman more aware of where his company is in the market and therefore able to make more accurate decisions on the future of his company.

Once a solution has been implemented it progress should be monitored. An evaluation can be carried out in one of four ways, in this case- By making quantitative ¡¥before and after¡¦ comparisons i.e. . Are the figures you receive now more meaningful and helpful than before?

This will tell you whether or not it is working ,how it could be improved, how to solve the next problem quicker, better and more efficiently.

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