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On the translation of tcm texts

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characteristic of Chinese that a sentence is led by a topic, which makes the sentence loosely organized grammatically with very few connection words to show its grammatical relations. On the contrary, importance is attached to grammatical structures in English. So English sentences are well organized grammatically with recognizable connection words to show the grammatical relations. To do a good job in translation, one must parse the Chinese sentences first to find out the implied grammatical connections. Only by so doing can he (she) complete his (her) translation task satisfactorily.

Key words TCM Texts; the Laws of their English Translation

one of the comon symptoms in internal diseases, is a certain appearance caused by the imbalance of yin and yang in the struggle between human body and pathogens, which takes on a general reaction. £ÂșAs for its pathogeny, it is a strong belief of TCM that whether an exopathogen invades a human body depends on the result of the struggle between the vital energy and the exopathogen. When the vital energy is stronger than the exopathogen, the human body will be safe and sound. On the contrary, if the exopathogen wins an advantage, the human body will be infected with the diseaseCold is a common disease in all of the four seasons. But even if invaded by an exopathogen, whether one catches cold or not depends on different individuals.

The disease is not only closely related to the attack, exacerbation of cough or the acute paroxysm of chronic cough, but also has something to do with the deterioration of many diseases such as palpitation, precordial pain due to the obstruction of qi in the chest, edema and arthragia-syndrome.

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¡°precordial pain due to obstruction of qi in the chest¡±Promoting the dispersing function of the lung is a method used to relieve functional disturbances of lung-qi by using medicines as phlegm-resolvent and antitussive to smooth circulation of the lung-qi. Do not merely use diaphoresis to treat debilitated patient of his (her) cold, because he (she) is in the condition of deficiency of qi and blood. Pay attention to adopt the methods of consolidating both superficial and internal resistance and replenishing blood and qi at the same time.

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