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While J.J. Buettgen

was the Senior Vice

President of Marketing

at Darden, there was a

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story that had become

legend at the company's

Olive Garden restaurants.

One day, a tall,

heavyset man had sat

down at a table to order

but he looked terribly

uncomfortable he

was having trouble

squeezing into his chair.

Committed to serving

the needs of each and

every customer, the

manager raced to the

kitchen and came up

with an innovative solution.

He quickly sawed

off the arms of one of

the chairs and returned

to offer the man a newly

improved place to sit

what would be known

from that day forward

as a "Larry-chair,"

named for the man who

had inspired the first


According to Buettgen,

who has been recognized

by Advertising

Age as one of the country's

top 100 marketers,

the story is an example

of what happens when a

company "gets it right,"

when an organization's

advertising concept

meshes with its culture

and the actual customer

experience. Long before

Olive Garden's ads were

promoting "hospitaliano,"

a warm and welcoming


hospitality, the employees

were reinforcing this

idea in the restaurants.

"In order to create

lasting brand equity, employees

have to express

the same values that we

communicate in our

ads," explains Buettgen.

"The HR executive has

to communicate the

same message that marketing

is expressing."

Yet even Buettgen notes

how challenging this

task can be. He admits

that in many companies

there is often a dichotomy

between what is

going on at the unit

level and corporate, and

he stresses the need for

an effective "communications

pipeline manager"

to act as a gobetween.

At The Disneyland

Resort, where Buettgen

served as the company's

Senior Vice President of

Marketing and Sales, it

was the Disneyland

name and the values

that the brand represents

that attracted the

right cast members in

the first place.

"Disneyland is an

American icon, and people

feel good about

working for a company

with such a rich heritage,"

says Buettgen.

Creating "the happiest

place on earth"

comes about because

cast members are constantly

kept up to date

with every detail going

on at the park. They get

the opportunity to preview

new shows and

attractions before they

open to the public,

which ensures that cast

members remain excited

and educated about the

latest offerings.

There are also events

that encourage employees

to experience the

park through the eyes of

a guest. Three nights a

year, cast members

(many of whom dress

up as Disney characters

and interact with visitors)

get together for

holiday parties. The

park is closed to visitors,

and employees get the

chance to hop aboard

the rides and enjoy all

the shows and attractions

without even

having to wait in line.

"Date night" is a similar

occurrence. Disneyland

closes its gates to customers

and invites employees

to bring a

spouse or significant

other to enjoy an evening

in the park. If there's one thing

that Michael Tam has

demonstrated in his extensive

marketing career,

it's that sound

business judgment is

applicable across cultures,

across industries

and across brands. Having

worked both in the

U.S. and abroad for

some of the world's

best-known companies,

he has put the same

principles to use with

incredible results at

McDonald's, Starbucks

and Nordstrom.

As the Senior Vice

President and Chief

Marketing Officer of

McDonald's Japan, he

was tasked with the

challenge of turning

around a business that

had a three-year history

of double-digit negative

comp figures. Even

though he was unfamiliar

with the culture, he

was armed with a solid

understanding of why

the McDonald's image

was suffering among the

Japanese and set out to

reposition the company.

The restaurant chain

was offering a menu

heavy in Japanese staples

such as sushi,

ramen and gyoza

(known as pot stickers

in the U.S.), and to consumers

McDonald's was

seen as just another

sushi shop.

"For any business to

succeed, you have to

leverage an organization's

core competencies,"

Tam explains. "In

the case of McDonald's,

we knew that hand-held

sandwiches were what

the company did best."

Working to incorporate

tastes that would appeal

to Japanese diners, Tam

helped in the creation of

an entirely new menu

with offerings such as a

ginger soy sandwich

with cabbage and pork

sandwiches that satisfied

the Asian palate.

This menu change,

combined with ads that

emphasized a restaurant

atmosphere dedicated to

kutsurogi (which Tam

explains as "being as

comfortable and relaxing

as an old pair of

shoes or an easy chair"),

had a powerful effect.

The company reported a

5 percent increase in

comp store sales in the

first year and 16 percent

in the year that followed.

Tam performed a

similar feat at Starbucks.

When he signed on as

the company's Vice

President of Retail Marketing,

he wanted to

make the stores more

productive throughout

the day (60 percent of

sales were being made

before 10 a.m.) as well

as reach out to the 50

percent of Americans

who don't drink coffee.

His solution? Change

the image of coffee as a

morning-only drink and

add lunch, dessert and

tea-based drinks to the


"Once again it was

the principle of leveraging

the company's key

competencies in this

case, coffee and creating

products that were

appropriate," he explains.

As examples, he

lists the creation of a

Frappuccino cheesecake

and Tazo teas.

Of course, what

makes the Starbucks

success story so unique

is the fact that the company

has created an entire

culture around the

activity of drinking coffee.

According to Tam,

much of this success is

due to the brand equity

that was created through


"You need to share

your vision with employees,"

he says. "You

have to communicate

the mission statement to them, and most importantly,

make sure they

buy into it. Dedication

to the company begins

with something intrinsic

and psychological as

opposed to monetary


His final suggestion

hire the best and give

them the opportunity to

demonstrate what they

know from experience.

"Bring on the most capable

talent with the

best backgrounds. Then

stand back allow employees

the latitude to

make their own decisions."

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