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ʑ1- Describe the materialist conception of society. How does materialism differ from idealism?

In a materialistic society, society cannot exist unless it is based upon production that any particular

society uses the system of production to produce the mans of life.

Idealism explain and understand history and politics as the product of ideas, culture, religion, while


materialism tries to explain ideas, culture and values as the product of material things, relationship, and

events in human society.

- What was society like under primitive communism ? Describe the agricultural revolution and its

impact on human society.

a) everything was owned and shared in common and society was very egalitarian

b) Human learned how to plant , grow and harvest its own corp. Then human produce enough to keep

him alive and also trade or sold the production for other goods. Then private property came into

existence. Then the slavery evolved. Then the state and government came into picture.

- What is the state ? Differentiate between the state and the government.

a)arm's body of men to enforce social relations and uphold the laws to protect power, wealth and

property of the ruling class


b) Government is the organized a administration of the state.

4- What characterizes the capitalist economic system ?

a) based on system of production that involves free, wage labor

b) private ownership of major means of production

c) profitable production of commodities to be exchanged in a free market.

5- What defines a class ? Describe the four main classes in capitalist society ?

a class of defined by its participation in the distribution of the national income alone and by its

independent roots in the economic foundation of society.

a) Bourgoise, or capitalist class who owns all the major things or production and they are ruling class.

b) Petty-bourgeoise who have no direct relationships to the production or exchange of material goods

such as lawyers, doctors. Etc.

c) proletariat or working class who performs all the labor necessary to produce all material wealth in


d) lumpenproletariat who are surplus laborer.

6- What is politics ? Give an answer in your own words that incorporates all of the ideas we discussed.

politics in the process through power and influence are used in the promotion of certain values and


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