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Paths of Life

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Paths Of Life

The decision making process is an important aspect in everyday life, and different perspectives influence decisions people make. Everyday, individuals are faced with decisions that can change the course of their day, their year, or even their life. Even the smallest influence can determine what path a person wants to be on. Daily life is full of choices to make, and usually, these choices can lead to a great conclusion. Different factors influence different selections. For instance, friends or family can influence a person's decision about something. Also, a person can make a certain choice because society looks at it as being the correct judgment to make. These examples are just a few of the many that help shape the interactive environment we all live in.

One very important factor that influences decisions everyone makes is friends, and the pressure to conform to the people we are around. As Judith Ortíz Cofer expresses in the story "The One Who Watches," individuals like to act the way their friends do, especially if their friends have leadership qualities (4). In the selection, Doris follows Yolanda and is good friends with her. Yolanda is outgoing, and likes being a leader. However, different influences may conflict with the already existing ones. For example, Doris is driven away from Yolanda because of the fact that she steals. Conflict and instability can cause people to make certain decisions. Just like the story states, "Sometimes you have to run fast to catch love because it's hard to see, even when it's right in front of you." Doris decides to no longer be friends with Yolanda, because she realizes that she doesn't need the negativity of Yolanda's bad habits in her life. Through my own experience, I have realized that choosing the right friends is very important, and may influence minor and major decisions. My friends and I generally have the same morals that help keep us on the right path. We encourage one another to choose what is best for our future and ourselves.

Society plays a very important role in our decisions. Like Richard Nixon states in the selection "I Would Have Preferred To Carry Through," he thinks it's in the better interest for society to move on after his resignation (7). He addresses the nation saying, "But as President, I must put the interests of America first." In the United States, society frowns upon actions such as stealing. Because of our culture and environment, many Americans behave on much of the same principle. Ultimately, Americans make many of the same moral choices in life.

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Many people are influenced by the decisions they make because of their family. Ouida Sebestyen expresses this idea in the story "Playing God." The selection tells of a young boy, Jake, and his decision to run away from home (6). His family is going through rough times, and Jake doesn't like the fact that they are getting angry with him because of his insufficient school grades. The turmoil his family is going through forces him to want to get away from his problems, so he leaves. My parents are both hard workers and good role models, which has helped me develop a determined mindset. Because of my parents' way of raising me, I always decide to do my best in all things I partake in, such as schoolwork and sports.

Events may also play a part in why people choose to do certain things. President Nixon decided to resign because of the events of the Watergate Scandal, and many of his reasons are given in "I Would Have Preferred To Carry Through." Also, in the story "TLA," by Jane McFann, Holly was depressed and considered suicide because of the car accident that killed Jake (). In the end, she decides to live.

Life is full of decisions; some of them are difficult, and others are easy. The decisions we all make shape our lives. Whether we are deciding on what shoes to buy, or what college to go to, decisions ultimately affect our future. Decision-making is a very thoughtful process, and many factors have a tendency to sway decisions. Our choices take us through our path of life, and that path is sometimes unclear. Usually, good judgment always seems to sweep away the debris, and make the path of life easier to follow.

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