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Animal Farm

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Mr. Jones is the owner of the Manor Farm, he drinks much and treats his animals badly.

One night they meet in the barn, where the old pig Major tells them about his dream. It is that animals revolt against men and live in freedom then.

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When Major dies the other animals still keep his ideas in mind and when one evening Mr. Jones forgets to feed them they start preparing the rebellion. Finally they dispossess him and the pigs Napoleon and Snowball make up seven commandments

1) Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy.

) Whatever goes upon four legs or has wings is a friend.

) No animal shall wear clothes.

4) No animal shall sleep in a bed.

5) No animal shall drink alcohol.

6) No animal shall kill any other animal.

7) All animals are equal.

The two pigs take over a leading position because they are more intelligent than the other animals. They all together do the harvest and each Sunday they meet in the barn for discussion.

One day Mr. Jones tries, together with some men from the village, to get his farm back but the animals defend it well.

Napoleon and Snowball more and more come in conflict with each other. Snowball suggests to build a windmill to get electricity for light and warm water. But Napoleon disagrees and sets the dogs at him which he had brought up and Snowball has to flee from the farm.

Now Napoleon is the single leader. Squealer, a little eloquent pig becomes his right hand. When the other animals ask why Snowball has been driven away he explains that he has been on Mr. Jones side and no one wants him to come back. They don't dare to contradict Napoleon because he would set his dogs at them.

Napoleon decides to let the windmill build on which the animals work hard during the summer. There isn't enough food for them but the pigs eat more than ever. They start braking rules, they go into the farm house and sleep in beds and Napoleon, who now is called the Leader co-operates with the neighbour farms. They behave more and more like humans and they change some rules The fourth commandment now says „No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets.".

When the windmill is destroyed by a storm Napoleon maintains that it has been Snowball who has come back. Over the next year the animals repair it and when it is finished it is called „Napoleon Mill".

Four pigs are killed by Napoleon's dogs because they come under suspicion of co-operating with Snowball. So the sixth rule has to be changed into „No animal shall kill another animal without case.".

In autumn the neighbour farm attacks Manor Farm and many animals die but they win the fight.

The pigs start drinking alcohol and so the fifth commandment has to be changed into „No animal shall drink alcohol to excess.".

The mill is destroyed again and so they again start building it up. Then Boxer brakes down.

After some time has passed the Manor Farm has become richer but there are only few animals from before the rebellion left. Now pigs start to go on two feet and change the last two rules into „Four legs good, two legs better." and „All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.".

When men from the other farm houses come to celebrate with the pigs, the animals who look through the widow can't distinguish the pigs from the humans.

"Animal Farm" refers to the Russian revolution at the beginning of the 0th century. The characters identify with persons or social groups of that time.

Old Major (pig) stands for Lenin who had the idea of a new world.

Mr. Jones (man) represents the imperialism and the czar.

Napoleon (pig) stands for Stalin who was the communist leader of Russia.

Snowball (pig) identifies with Trotsky who tried to make life better but was expelled from the party by Stalin.

Boxer and Clover (horses) represent the working class, the common people who suffered the most under the regime.

Moses the raven would be the church. He promises better times in "Sugar Candy Mountain".

Benjamin (donkey) could be a philosopher who is watching what is going on.

Squealer (pig) is a propagandist who convinces people of his attitudes.

Molly (horse) represents the part of society which still wishes aristocracy back. She goes to the neighbour farms and has contact with humans.

The dogs are comparable to the army and the secret police.

The sheep symbolise the silly mass and the pigs are a kind of intellectuals.

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