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Comparing Cars

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When arriving at the Casper residence in Centerville, Utah, a stranger may find it odd to have a home with four vehicles a 18 Ford Tempo, a 000 Daewoo Lanos, a 00 Dodge Grand Caravan, and a 00 Toyota Prius. However, upon discovery of four licensed drivers and very different cars, well, they are much more understanding. A wide variety of cars you might ask, very much so indeed. Although many would consider them all quite similar, you will easily find that through their style and appearance, the great performance and satisfaction of the automobile, and their prestige of ownership, they are very exciting cars. In itself, it can also be very easy to identify a car for each driver in the family Richard, Ann, Angionette, and even I, Jon-Phillip.

Beginning with the fact that all of our vehicles are quite different, the styles and appearances are quite interesting. The oldest of the vehicles, the Ford Tempo, is much older in style. The much squarer corners and lack of aerodynamics dates the car as one from the late eighties. Moving on to a much newer and foreign car, the Daewoo Lanos, the sleek hatchback design is much more contemporary. Even being a late nineties style car due to manufacturing style, it is a very well styled vehicle. The biggest of the vehicles on the driveway would be 00 Dodge Grand Caravan. With an extra eight inches of storage capacity in the rear, it is by far the perfect choice for a family road vacation. In style and appearance it is a great vehicle that is worthy of praise by driver, passenger, and fellow roadie. Finally, the 00 Toyota Prius, the baby of the family, a great car both in style and in appearance, is the envy of many drivers. The Prius with sleek styling and great appearance is sure to catch the eye of many.

As interesting as the variety of cars owned may be in their styles and appearances, they are also great pieces to consider in regards to their performance and satisfaction. Simply used as a car to get from point to point the Ford Tempo, gets used enough to keep itself in our garage. Not necessarily the car you would like to be seen driving by your potential dates or friends, but it serves its purpose. A nice little car that gets itself around with plenty room for use still to come. Taking a step in a positive direction is the Daewoo Lanos. At first glace or earshot, many think huh, Daewoo. The simplest reply is that it is Korean and off-market. However, a nice little car that serves many purposes for its primary driver, my sister, include a great vehicle to get to school and to various activities in safety and comfort. The little Daewoo is a great conservative car for a young driver who is fussy but pleased with anything given to her to drive. Now we can look on to the biggest car of the family, the Dodge Caravan. Many would probably at first thought think, that is nothing serious, or just plain think of the family car. Nevertheless, everyone in the family enjoys this vehicle and its great spacious interior providing adequate comfort for everyone. In contrast to many other mini-vans on the market including our first, advances in technology are most pleasing and provide for greater drivability and performance, especially in the end. Topping off the family line of cars, the Toyota Prius is the pampered and loved car of everyone. Single handedly this car out performs all of the cars in our driveway simply because of the newest advances in technology simply put as hybridization. Even for a longer drive, the roomy interior is great for a small family of four, or just great for the family run around car.

Prestige is such a complex idea, and I suppose that you might think as I would that it would simply be dependent upon the driver and the beholder. In the instance of the Ford Tempo, anyone would be proud to drive it and be seen if he is desperate. Even I find myself choosing another vehicle to drive unless it is essential, simply because I do not want to be seen in it. Driving the Daewoo is not demeaning usually. Many often give you interesting or inquisitive looks and ask questions about the car since it is just something that is not seen often. As a hatchback, there is only enough room comfortably for the driver and not more than a single friend, which in todays society is just not practical. By far one of the greatest to drive is the Dodge Caravan, being seen it the car is simply a statement that you perhaps have yourself pulled together. It is often seen as being the family car, and being someone that has direction; or in the case of the egotistical teenager, as the worst car to drive. Personally, my favorite at last, the Toyota Prius is the greatest car in the family. With great functions and great prestige, I love to be behind the wheel of this automobile. Anyone who is conscious about saving the environment or simply by having a more fuel-efficient car would also be a proud owner of a Prius. Overall, if you simply want to attract attention or gazes of what are that new car 1hen by far the Prius is the perfect choice.

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Now considering the very different driving habits and the cars that are owned it can be easily applied to which car most accurately belongs to a given driver. In the case of my father Richard he does not drive as much as he once did, nor as long in distances. Therefore, the oldest of the cars, the Ford Tempo is the car that he is most often identified with and drives around the town. Driving back and forth from work at Viewmont High School or at JCPenny, both in Bountiful within 10 minutes do not require a superb car. In the instance of my mother Ann, well she drives much longer distances to work daily in Layton where she too teaches. Her car of choice is primarily the Dodge Caravan, due to its capacity to hold family, groceries, and even school supplies. For my sister Angionette, her selection of the Daewoo Lanos is simple. Her need for a large car is limited to the occasional carpool situation for groups of friends to and from activities, but simply on a daily basis is not essential. Lastly, for me, the Toyota Prius is just a natural choice. On usual I drive daily to and from school in Murray and on many personal errands and the use of a large gas-guzzling car is just not necessary. The hybrid with its superior gas mileage and performance is my choice!

Affirmative, very much indeed, the Casper family has many cars! We all drive, and sometimes we are all gone at the same time. Each vehicle, regardless of all the similarities and differences set aside, is a great vehicle, any of which I do not mind to be seen driving. We have a driveway that catches the eye of many of our neighbors and friends.

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