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School Start DateAn Economic Prospective

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Traditionally, Labor Day for Americans marked the end of summer and the beginning of the academic school year. This was true until April 18, when the National Commission on Education released a report titled "A Nation at Risk". The report raised concerns throughout the nation about the quality of education for our children compared to students in other industrialized nations who were outperforming American students. The report stated, "International comparisons of student achievement reveal that on nineteen academic tests American students were never first or second and, in comparison with other industrialized nations, were last seven times."

This report led to a movement for American schools to become more accountable for how much our students learn. As the states attempted to become more accountable, they had to look for ways to measure student achievement. Many of the schools decided to accomplish this by testing students before winter break. Schools discovered that having students take an achievement test before winter break resulted in better scores. However, this schedule forces an earlier start date in the fall for schools because schools want to give the achievement test halfway though the school year and there are not 0 days of school between Labor Day and Christmas. So, a trend toward moving up the start date began.

The dilemma that many states, including South Carolina, are running into is that the summer season is being cut short due to the earlier start. The issue currently in debate in South Carolina is whether or not to uniformly change the academic school start date to fall more in line with Labor Day.

Changing the school start date will not affect how many days students attend school. It will only change the school's calendar start and end dates. As school districts have started the school year earlier, it has not been done uniformly throughout the state. The state of South Carolina has a total of 86 school districts and each district decides when they will start the school year. Some schools start as early as August 6, while others start August 0 and end as early as May 17 to May 4.

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Early school start dates have shortened the summer tourist season from three months to two. South Carolina schools are currently starting two weeks before the end of the summer season, and ending two weeks before the summer season begins. This is impacting the South Carolina economy. Representative JoAnne Gilham, R-Hilton Head Island, tried to make that case. She said, "Losses are substantial to tourism, as well as state coffers." She recently looked at a unit in Litchfield where weekly rentals dropped from 1 weeks a year to eight over the past few years. "We've got to be cognizant of the dollars that we are losing tourism wise," Gilham stated to The Sun News April 18, 00.

Ashby Ward, president of the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce stated, "Our economy goes down about $1 million a day, from 00,000 visitors to 100,000 in a sudden drop-off as school start in early August." (The Sun News June 1, 00)

The travel and tourism industry depends on the peak summer season to make up for lost revenues that have occurred during the rest of the year. During the off-season, capital sits idle raising little to no income. This puts a strain on the owners and the economy. In order to make up for the loss of income incurred during the off-season, the travel and tourism industries have to support their investment during the peak season. The effect of the summer season being condensed creates more crowding, higher prices, and a higher concentrated use of capital resources.

Another effect is that the summer seasonal establishments must rearrange their training schedules to suit the availability of employees, which causes less time to provide adequate training, produces more overtime, and generally creates less than ideal conditions.

In order for seasonal attractions to successfully operate in a shorter period of time and employ sufficient numbers of high school and college age employees, they must offer higher wages. This is necessary to attract quality employees away from other businesses. For example, quality employees are important in amusement parks, water parks and campgrounds, where safety is a key issue. By condensing the summer season, high school and college workers are constrained to work fewer hours during the year, causing a reduction of their over all total average wages.

Another effect of the shortened summer season is that the overall employment of high school and college students by the tourism industry is reduced. High school and college students must return to school. As a result, this leaves the industry short handed during the two weeks before the season has ended, and places a strain on the employees left behind to meet the public demand for service. When demand collapses for lodging, restaurants, and other retail establishment seasonal workers are no longer needed. The employment loss results in a reduction of personal income for those individuals.

"Travel and tourism is one of the largest industries and employers in South Carolina, generating 4.6 percent of gross state product and 11,700 jobs in 000. Tourism is also a major government revenue producer, accounting for nearly $600 million of taxes in 000." Source WTTC/WEFA Report South Carolina, The Impact of Travel and Tourism on Jobs and the Economy http//www.discoversouthcarolina.com/documentbin/pdf/wttc.pdf

"The Myrtle Beach area is about a third of the total tourism economy in the state, so that's about a $60 million loss a day statewide in tourism revenue," Ward stated to the Sun News Jun 1, 00.

Some of the industries that are heavily impacted by tourism include hotel, motels campgrounds, restaurants, night clubs, amusement parks, sporting attractions (including golf and tennis), air transportation, personal services, auto rental and leasing, apparel and accessory stores, other retail establishments, hospitals, business services, real estate, maintenance and repair. Source United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Overall, reducing the peak summer season from three months to two is significantly impacting one of the largest industries in the state, the travel and tourism industry, causing higher prices for consumers, and fewer revenues for business owners and the state. It is also providing less income to employees in that industry. To paraphrase Representative Mark Kelley, R-Myrtle Beach, what we need to do is to balance education with the economy.

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