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War on Iraq

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Why do America want to invade Iraq

George Bush claims its because of the threat of weapons of mass destruction

How real is this threat? The weapon inspectors have been in Iraq for a while now and there has not yet been any real convincing evidence. It appears they have been cornered into war.

If there is a threat from Iraq why is this why do they hate Americans?

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An iraqi woman interviewed on TV expressed this hate by talking about sept 11. She said at first she thought 'those poor people' but this soon turned too 'at least they will feel a fraction of what we have felt'.

Sounds very harsh but after looking at the evidence this hostility is reasonable.

This threat has been brought on by themselves after America's cruelty to Iraqi civilians during the gulf war. This threat has been brought on by themselves after America's cruelty to Iraqi civilians during the gulf war.

Reasons why Iraqi's hate Americans

The first weapon of mass destruction was the massive bombing of the 11 Persian Gulf War. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis were killed, and there was no way of fighting back. Described it as massacre and not a war, since Iraq was so inferior in power to the United States.

Facts and Figures

1)The Allies used 141,1 tones of explosives against Iraq.

) This is equal to 7 atomic bombs similar to that dropped on Hiroshima.

) 5000-6000 bombs were fired by tank s.

4) 10,000 bombs were released from aircraft.

5) Napalm, cluster and air fuel bombs had been used by the Allies.

8) All of the above were not only used against the Iraqi armed forces but much of them were used against civilians, shelters and other civilian instructors well away from the battlefield.

The second weapon of mass destruction is the embargo, which according to the United Nations own figures has caused the deaths of over one million Iraqi people, including 500,000 Iraqi children.

Professor Noam A. Chomsky "The number of Iraqi people who have died in the last eight years as a result of the sanctions exceeds the death toll due to all the weapons of mass destruction used in human history,"

The third weapon of mass destruction was the bombing of the water purification and sewage systems and the hold placed by the embargo on parts to repair these systems. The drinking of impure water has led to outbreaks of infectious diseases in Iraq. This is a form of biological warfare. Researcher Thomas Nagy has discovered Defense Intelligence Agency documents that prove that the bombing of the water and sewage systems and denial of repair parts was a deliberate strategy by the United States to cause disease in Iraq.

The fourth weapon of mass destruction was the use of depleted uranium. The cancer rate in Basra in southern Iraq, where most uranium was used, is six times normal, and children are being born with the most appalling birth defects like hands growing directly from the shoulders, noses above the eyes, no fully developed brains, etc.


These reasons and restrictions America has put on Iraqi oil are some of the reasons for their hostility.

Of cause there are contradictions in Americas motives for invading Iraq.


Israel has weapons of mass destruction as Iraq is only accused of possessing. Israel invaded Lebanon and occupied it for a number of years. Iraq invaded Kuwait. Israels leader Ariel Sharon is guilty of war crimes for massacres of Palestinian refugees

Saddam Hussein is guilty of war crimes for using poison gas on the Kurds.

However, in spite of these great similarities, Israel has not been demonized in the media, bombed and subjected to an embargo and no-fly zones as has Iraq. Why? I suggest it is because Israel is the local partner of the United States in the control of Mideast oil and repression of Arab nationalism.

The suggested motives for Americas willingness have been expressed by various groups.


Want to invade to secure Iraqui oil fields. Iraq has 11 billion barrels of reserves worth ,4,400,000,000 U.S dollars. The Caspian Sea Oil Reserves, above Iraq are valued at Billion.

Also to protect Israle.

There has been evidence which suggests these plans were made before 11. The Sunday Herald of Glasgow, Scotland has discovered two US government documents, which prove there were plans for US global domination and control of oil. Another document called Strategic Energy Policy Challenges For The 1st Century openly admits that the reason for war with Iraq is to secure US access to, and control of, Middle Eastern oil fields.

September 11 which the bush government allowed to happen as it gave America the perfect excuse for action.

Initially, the Bush administration said that it had no warning that jet airplanes could be used as missiles to attack buildings in the United States. Then, CIA and FBI documents came to light indicating that they had investigated this possibility, and the Bush administration was forced to back off on this assertion of ignorance.

Even more disturbing is the fact that after the first plane was hijacked and deviated from its prescribed course, more than an hour and a half transpired with no fighter jets being dispatched

1. -11 provided a perfect excuse for a war against the Taliban in Afghanistan, which had already been planned for October 001 because of the refusal of the Taliban to allow the Unocal gas pipeline from Central Asia to the Indian Ocean.

. It provided an alibi to build military bases in Central Asia to control the enormous oil and gas reserves present there.

. Anticapitalist revolutionaries like the FARC in Colombia, the Zapatistas in Chiapas, the Maoists in Nepal and the New Peoples Army in the Philippines could now be more convincingly labeled terrorists and destroyed.

4. Huge tax breaks for the rich and an increase of nearly 100 billion dollars in the military budget could easily be pushed through a very patriotic US Congress.

Those who deny the possibility of a conspiracy occurring involving the US government, often claim that there is little likelihood of the US government being complicit in the deaths of its own citizens.

There were the GIs forced to walk across ground zero after nuclear explosions

Then, there was the Joint Chiefs of Staff plan called Operation Northwoods to provoke a war with Cuba by sinking a ship with US military personnel at Guantanamo Bay or conducting terrorism in US cities, involving civilian casualties, and blaming it on Cuba.

Finally I would like to finish with my view on the issue

If the threat is real I don't believe it is right to bomb innocent civilians who are still suffering from the after math of the Gulf War. There must be a better solution than war. I also don't agree with Australia's involvement without UN backing as we did not create this threat but Americas arrogance.

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