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Kurt Cobain: Suicide or Murder

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Kurt Donald Cobain was born on February 0, 167. He was a very energetic child and received a guitar at the age of 1. This guitar, and his poetry which was inspired by his misunderstood feelings, fueled him to create the greatest music of all time. His attraction to Courtney Love Harrison was a mysterious and violent one. Whenever they met, they would either wrestle in a bar or burn each other with cigarettes. Soon enough, they married and their only child, Frances Bean Cobain, was born in 1. Frances was the love of his life and he would never bring her any pain. Kurt and Courtney were having marital problems mainly because Courtney felt she was not receiving the attention she deserved for her band Hole. She felt this because her husband was the infamous Kurt Cobain lead singer of Nirvana. Kurt had never asked for fame or attention. In fact he was planning on "breaking-up" the band and renaming themselves to remain in the underground world of music. But he did not get a chance to do so, neither did he have the chance of seeing the love of his life, Frances, grow up. He had had major problems with drugs and had escaped from approximately 7 rehab centers. The last one he escaped from was on April 1, 14. Seven days later, on April 8 at 840AM, his body was found by an electrician at the Cobain house in Seattle, Washington. Autopsies prove his death was no later than on the evening of April 5. Next to his body was a note to his fans, a shotgun, and a box of heroin syringes. It was proclaimed suicide by the authorities but too many factors could lead to later proving it was not suicide whatsoever. Those factors are the validity and interpretation of the "suicide" letter, the amount of heroin in his system, and Courtney Love's involvement with the death. Kurt Cobain was a loving father and would never leave his beautiful daughter and fans through suicide.

The so-called suicide letter of Kurt Cobain was greatly misinterpreted. After careful research by Tom Grant, investigator of this case and supporter on the theory that it was murder, the letter found was a letter addressed to the fans. If Kurt were going to kill himself, why would he not address the letter to his daughter and wife? In fact, the letter was just a retirement letter, or draft retirement letter, to the fans. The second letter, which Courtney Love has hidden from investigators, was addressed to Courtney and stated that he wanted to leave her and Seattle. In both letters nothing even comes close to stating suicide. Courtney hid this letter because it revealed the true meaning of the first one at the scene that he was quitting the music business, he wanted a divorce, and he was leaving Seattle. How could the first letter be by his dead body and the second one left on Courtney's bed a week earlier? Because the first letter was harder to interpret, so it was planted at the scene, and of course made public. It was, in fact, written before the one he gave to Courtney. Grant did some research on how the letter might have been forged considering the fact that it was written in two different handwritings. But after further handwriting analysis, it was found out that Kurt wrote the letter and that the two handwritings must have been from another time he was flirting with the affects of heroin and his hand became lazy and sloppy. Also if it were forged, first of all, it would have stated that he would commit suicide so there would be no room for speculation, second, the letter would have been short so that as little handwriting as possible was available for comparison, and third, a forged letter would have been written to his wife and daughter, not the fans. If the letter were forged, it would have been easier to reopen the case and have some evidence of murder.

The amount of heroin in Cobain's system was three times the lethal dose, even for experienced users and severe addicts. Kurt's body would not have been able to withhold so much heroin considering the fact that he only weighed 0 pounds. When his body was found, his blood contained 1.5 milligrams of morphine per liter. Now this does not mean he had only 1.5 milligrams of heroin as most journalists have mistaken. It was per liter and it was three days after it had been injected. A blood level of 1.5 mg/L indicates that he was induced with 5mg-40mg of heroin. This would lead to immediate death. Who injected him is quite unclear. But if he did inject himself with that amount of heroin the syringe would have still been in his arm, not in a box. With that amount of heroin in his system he would be unable to lift neither a shotgun nor a pen. Nor could he focus on writing. Also, the heroin syringes were neatly placed in a box, which he definitely would not have the coordination for. Another peculiar fact is that there were no clear fingerprints on the gun or syringes, which means the evidence has obviously been tampered with either by the killers or the cops, who seem to be on Courtney's side that it was suicide. The police were very quick to label the letter a suicide letter. Cobain's credit cards were also stolen and his wallet was on the floor. This definitely is enough evidence to prove someone had something to do with it. So basically, if it was suicide, Kurt Cobain must have shot himself with enough heroin to kill fifty cows, write a "suicide" letter, pick up a shotgun while was dead, because he died instantly from the dosage, shoot himself, die again, come back from the dead, place the syringes neatly in the box, wipe the fingerprints off the gun, and die once more. This obviously is neither a very valid nor reasonable argument.

The facts all lead to the fact that Courtney Love had much to do with the murder. Courtney did not have much to be happy about with her band, Hole, failing on the charts, and her husband being the infamous Kurt Cobain. She had very little attention and obviously it bothered her enough to have him removed from the picture. Tom Grant's theory goes as follows Love noticed that Kurt was missing. She hired Tom Grant to locate him. The key word is locate, which could mean either dead or alive. She told him he might be on a plane to Michael Stipe's place, singer of R.E.M. He had actually flown to Seattle to their Lake Washington home on Saturday, April nd. Calls were being made to and from Michael Dewitt at Courtney's residence. Michael Dewitt was a boyfriend of Courtney's who was extremely jealous. Courtney felt bad and hired him as their nanny and house sitter. Kurt and Michael had an uneasy friendship. Michael was just one of Courtney's puppets who supplied her with drugs and money. Then Courtney told her friend to plant a phony story that she had had a drug overdose and was in the hospital. Kurt's so-called "suicide" was supposed to occur that Saturday night. The phony OD story by Courtney was just a part of Courtney's plan to manipulate the media with a "suicide pact" story designed to get her sympathy and attention as she stole Kurt's millions of fans. But the unexpected happened; Kurt left the house and was not there for his appointment with "suicide." When Courtney found out the hit was not made, she panicked. Then she found out he bought another ticket out of Seattle. Then, on Sunday the rd, she hired Grant to "locate" him. She, of course, told him he was suicidal and that she knew "he was going to kill himself." On Monday when Grant found out that Kurt had been at the Lake Washington residence on the nd, he wanted to get surveillance cameras up in the residence. Courtney mysteriously refused. Turns out the place that he had been seen came out to be the place he was found dead. When he was found, Courtney asked to talk with Grant but he refused, already having suspicion of the plan. The fact that he would not speak to her made her uneasy and her fears were confirmed when he wrote her his suspicions 0 days later. But her job was finished and she could continue her rise to fame.

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From these theories, it is obvious to the reasonably minded person that Kurt Cobain had not committed suicide. His best friend, Dylan Carson, his attorney, Rosemary Carroll, a doctor who treated him, police officers who went to his home earlier, doctors and patients at rehab centers, and everyone who knew him or had seen him recently, including Kurt himself, said he was NOT suicidal! The retirement letter Courtney has hidden is yet to be found. And when any little evidence is found Tom Grant will reopen the case. He guarantees that someone will be convicted of murder; it will just be a matter of time. And then we will have the answers to where the letter is, where are the fingerprints, who injected Kurt, where are his credit cards are, and how Courtney could possibly testify with all this evidence against her. Any information on the case could be placed on but keep in mind that a lot of advances have been made so only new helpful information is urged for. We must fight for the spirit of a mystical, misunderstood idol of a decade so that fans will receive closure and revenge for that horrid day in music history.

Kurt Cobain

Feb. 0, 167-April 5, 14

By Steven Sosnin

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