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Vietnam? What can I say, even though Laos and Vietnam are practically the same there's still a lot that I don't know about the country, the people or the government. Needless to say I have lots of Vietnamese friends that are here but most of them are born here and haven't really been back so they itself don't know the country or there heritage that well.

Vietnam is located in South East Asia right next to Laos. The country like Laos I would presume that most of the people there are Buddhist since most of the Asian countries are. The country is a third world country or (still dev eloping country) with lots of poverty and prostitution. The reason for this I think is because the company doesn't have manufactures to build and export things to different places. Most of its people are farmers that try to survive living on pennies while the government controls most of its cash flow throughout the country. I know that the people there get so poor that there parents would send out young girls into prostitution to bring more money to give to the family, and throughout the streets there are people begging for money. I believe that the government see the poverty but they wont do anything about it because there the ones that are rich why would they care about there own people.

I talk to my Vietnamese friends a lot about Vietnam even seen some pictures of some places and they look really nice. I would of thought that Vietnam would be a place that has nothing but farms and a just a bunch of land. In the few pictures that Ive seen it looks like there's a lot. They have skyscrapers now ever things to do like go sky diving or bungee jumping. I heard that there was more to do then what I thought. I thought Vietnam would be a place where I can only enjoy peace go animal watching and doing those kinds of things a place for older people. Being a teen I would like to see clubs and people going wild. My friend went years ago and she told me that they do have a night life and that people really do go crazy and wild. I guess my assumptions were wrong.

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When I look at Vietnam I see poor people that do anything for money, food, or water. I have an assumption that they eat everything there from dogs to snakes. I think the only thing that I haven't heard of them eating were humans. From this I get that the people there are savage beasts that eat everything in sight to keep themselves alive (kind of sad in a way). My perception of Vietnam are they don't have asphalt roads but dirt roads, they have outside markets everyday that sell the most unusual things like skulls and crap like that. I also see that the government doesn't care about the poor people so I think the same concept goes here when I say the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Those who have money are able to pay for school and become something of themselves and those who don't become baggers that beg for food and money. Another vision I have is that everyone has motorcycles over there because they don't have proper roads to take them to places which cars can't go through. I think that the people in the country who don't have much technology in that part of the country still ride there bulls around to get them from place to place. I see lots of farmers on there rice fields working to get money and be able to feed there kids.

Even though I have a lot of assumptions there are still many many things that I would like to know about Vietnam. What language does your country inhabit? Do you guys speak pigeon I get this pigeon term from the Hawaiians when I was there? The pigeon language comes from a mix of different languages and I was wondering if the Vietnamese language was the same or not? Have you seen some cases where you seen a child get beat before? I heard that sometimes the fathers after a long hard day out on the farm gets irritated and takes his anger out on his wife and children sometimes. Has that happened to you before? The big thing that I would like to know is about the Vietnam War. Do you know anyone who was a veteran to the Vietnam War? Is there still damage from the war? What kind of things did the Vietnamese do during the war? Being from Laos I know that there are a lot of temples there, is Vietnam kind of the same way, they believe in Buddha and so they build massive temples for him, do they do that too over there? What kind of things do people do for fun over there? You guys play sports? If so what kind? Are there animals over there that are different from those in the United States? I want to know about the school system there. Do you have to pay to attend schools from k-1 unlike here? I know that in college Im pretty sure you do. I wanted to know what kinds of things are taught in the school system is it the same over here? I heard that they spend a lot of time learning the English language why is that do you knows?

Well these assumptions and questions are what I'm going to be asking when I do my interview I hope some of my assumptions are correct and wont make me look so much like a fool. I hope that I get a better understanding of Vietnam and its people and I can't wait until the interview.

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