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As a reluctant candidate for President in 176, Jefferson came within three votes of election. Republican electors, trying to name both a President and a Vice President from their own party, cast a tie vote between Jefferson and Aaron Burr of which the House of Representatives settled. Hamilton, who did not like Jefferson and Burr, however urged Jeffersons election. In Jefferson's inaugural speech, he held out an olive branch to his political enemies, inviting them to bury the partnership of the past decade, to unite now as Americans. Within the duration of the Jeffersonian presidency, there were more than a few important issues and decisions. The most important of them being the division of the two political parties, the Louisiana Purchase, and his choice to only take two terms of presidency. These incidences proved significance because of the repercussions and events that followed.

When sharp political conflicts developed, two separate parties, the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans began to form. Jefferson gradually assumed leadership of the Republicans, who sympathized with the revolutionary cause in France. Attacking Federalist policies, he opposed a strong centralized Government and championed the rights of states. This division of parties changed politics forever.

Early in 180, Jefferson sent James Monroe to Paris with the instructions to buy New Orleans and whatever amount of surplus land with the strict budget of $10 Million. Jefferson said, "The day that France takes possession of New Orleans we must marry ourselves to the British fleet and nation." Napoleon chose to sell Louisiana for $15 million to Monroe and Minister Robert R. Livingston along with his dream of a New World dominion. Believing that America would unite with England, his decision to sell was heavily influenced by his hate for England and his desire for them to be eventually defeated by the New World. This purchase affirmed the needed western expansion of America.

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