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Hitler´s Actions

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In 1, Hitler came to power and became Chancellor. One of his main aims was the abolition of the Treaty of Versailles. The Treaty was a constant remainder of their defeat in the First Word War and they felt humiliated, so, he wanted to reverse this. As regards Germany's territories, Hitler wanted to unite Austria with Germany and get back the territories taken away by the Treaty of Versailles. To show Germany's expansion we may talk about the Political Union with Austria an Germany's invasion of Czechoslovakia. In 15, Germany accepted its Western Borders as set out in the Treaty of Versailles, this was established in the Locarno Treaty. Besides, Germany accepted that the Rhineland should remain a demilitarised zone. However, in 16, Hitler moved his troops into the Rhineland. Since 1, he increased his armed forces that had once been reduced in the Treaty of Versailles. The same year Germany left the League.

Since the Manchurian and Abyssinian crisis, the League became powerless. The leaders of the League had shown more interest in their own issues. When Hitler moved his troops into the Rhineland, the League of Nations was concentrated on the Abyssinian crisis, making things easier to Hitler. The failure of the League was also shown in the Spanish Civil War. Hitler tried out his aircraft force and bombed civilian population. The League did nothing.

From 15 Britain left Germany do what she wanted. This policy was known as the "Policy of Appeasement". Britain believed that it was a great opportunity to defeat Communism as Hitler was anti-communist and wanted to stop the spread and influence of Communism in the World. Furthermore, Britain wanted to avoid another war and they assumed that Germany would became a peacefully nation again. France was completely against this policy. We have to remember that France was completely damaged and wanted to cripple Germany.

Stalin was worried about Germany taking Soviet's land since Hitler came to power. In 14 Stalin joined the League. Nonetheless, the League was powerless. Britain and France did nothing as regards Germany's rearmament. In 1, a Nazi-Soviet Pact was signed they had agreed not to attack one another. There was a secret and very important clause to divide Poland between them. In September, the German army invaded Poland from West and the Soviet forces attacked from the East. But, to Hitler's surprise, Britain and France held their promises to protect the member countries of the League of Nations and declared war on Germany.

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I believe that the strongest actions led by Hitler was the Rearmament and the Remilitarisation of the Rhineland. Hitler knew that many people in Britain felt that ha had a right to station his troops in the Rhineland and he was fairly confident that Britain would not intervene. Besides, none of the French leaders were prepared to take France to another war. So he just walked over the League of Nations. Since the Rearmament, Hitler became very strong, powerful. In addition, Britain had already helped to dismantle the Treaty by signing a naval agreement with Hitler allowing Germany to increase its navy.

The weakest action of the rest of the world was the Policy of Appeasement. Hitler was able to do whatever she wanted, not only against Communism but everything. Imagine the case of the Sudetenland in which Germany invaded Czechoslovakia. Although this policy ended, it was too late, Germany had already gained too much power.

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