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Howward Essay

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In order for me to talk about myself, it is important for me to say something about my background because I strongly believe that ones environment plays a great part in a person's overall behavior.

Even though I was born in the United States, my parents are from Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone is a tiny country on the west coast of Africa that has recently been plagued by rebel warfare. They came to the United States in the early 180s; my mother arrived in 181 and my father followed two years later. They were both attending college and working part-time when I was born and according to them it was a real struggle. According to them even the car they had was not in good working order and they were living in an attic with just a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. My father thought about dropping out of school so they could save up for a better car, afford a more spacious apartment, and also provide for my needs; however my mother was against it. Instead she dropped out and worked two full time jobs. As soon as my father graduated, my mother started working part time and went to school full time and she in turn graduated. This selflessness by my parents for the general well being of the whole family is something that they instill in my younger sister and me. With my seeing how my parents gave to me I plan to reach my goal by studying at Lincoln University so that I can give back to someone less fortunate.

My parents are disciplinarians and even though we know that they love us and would do just about anything for us they have always admonished us when we stray in our behavior. They believe in the practice of African tradition and were not afraid of administering punishments to their children. Even though they have never abused us, the threat of discipline has always kept us from going astray in our behavior. This strictness by my parents is not limited to just their children. I have seen them scold the children of other Sierra Leoneans in the presence of their parents and I have also been scolded by other adults while my parents are present. What they have always told us, even before former first lady Hillary Clinton made it popular, was that it takes two people to bring a child into the world but it takes a village to raise that child. In my community all adults are either "aunts" or "uncles" regardless of whether you are related to them. This respect for everyone and togetherness is imparted to not just my sister and me but to all the children in the Sierra Leonean community. I plan to be an active role model amongst my peers at Lincoln University.

Something that also holds sway in my family is religious belief. My parents were brought up as God-fearing Christians and they bring their children up the same way. My whole family is very active in our church and I am a Senior Acolyte. I am also the youth representative of our church at diocese conferences. I try as best as possible to follow the teachings of the Bible and the commandments of God. I very much believe in the saying "Be you to others kind and true and always unto others do as you would have them do to you."

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My perseverance in the face of adversities is another trait that I inherited from my parents. They always tell me that if I work hard and diligent enough I would achieve my desire. Just like they first struggled when they arrive here, they tell me not to ever give up when the odds are against me. This is reflected in my educational progress. I am the first to admit that I was not one of the brightest students when I first started kindergarten. In those days getting a "B" grade was few and far between, but though hard work and devotion to my studies my cumulative grade point average at this time is above .10. There are days when I would stay up studying till the early hours of the morning just so that I would master a new concept that I have been taught.

I believe that I have leadership qualities reflected in the fact that I am a youth representative and a commander in the Reserve Officers Training Corp in my school. I am also very fair in my dealings with the cadets of the troop that I lead. I have been voted Troop Commander of the Month twice already this semester and, considering the fact that there are more than twenty seniors eligible for such an honor that is a great achievement.

I am also a fun person to be around. I enjoy everyday activities such as talking on the phone, hanging out with my friends, spending time with my family, and sports.

With all the above I am sure that I would make a very positive contribution during my academic pursuit at one of the greatest universities of our times. I'm looking forward to continuing my education at Lincoln University this up coming fall.

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