Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Hayashi Tadasau

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Hayashi Tadasu

Hayashi Tadasu, a famous ambassador, studied English with Dr. Hepburn in Yokohama, Japan, who was responsible for the organization of the Japanese language, he later went to study at University College, London, but had to return to Japan on the downfall of the Tokugawa government, and joined the Tokugawa forces but was captured and imprisoned in Tenma-cho, Nihonbashi. Only for the intervention of a British diplomat and Mrs. Hepburn his life was saved. In 188 he was appointed the Governor of Hyogo Prefecture, becoming vice-minister of Foreign Affairs in 181. In 1885 he was appointed Minister to China, then in 1887, Minster to Russia, eventually being sent to England as Ambassador to the Court of St. James, signing the Anglo-Japanese Alliance in 10 and was also responsible for the expansion and renewal of the Alliance in 105.

Japan and Britain formed an alliance to oppose Russian expansionism and to protect Japanese and British privileges in China. The alliance agreement was signed. The agreement provided that Japan and Britain would support the other if either were engaged in a conflict with two or more powers in East Asia. Japans ambassador to London, Hayashi Tadasu, negotiated the agreement. Soon, Russia and Japan engaged each other in a deadly and costly war for a brief period in 104-105. President Theodore Roosevelt invited Russia and Japan to a Peace Conference hoping that they would settle their differences and end the war. The agreement was settled with the help of Theodore Roosevelt, however, both sides, Russia and Japan felt cheated (Japan received little land, and Russia felt that they had given up too much). For creating this alliance agreement, Roosevelt was given the Nobel Peace Prize.

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