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When looking at a completed work of art, one sees the piece as a whole. It can be easy to forget the intricacy involved in creating a piece of art. An artist starts with a rough draft or message they wish to convey. From there, they must determine what form they want their piece to take on. Once they have decided these two things, the artist must then break these concepts down even further in order to convey the message to their audience. In reviewing Elizabeth Catlett's piece, entitled MOTHER AND CHILD, found on page 01, we will see how creating art is like putting together a puzzle. You must make sure all the pieces fit.

The first part of the puzzle is figuring out what medium you want to use, and what form you want it to take. In Catlett's piece, she chose to use wood to create an open form carving. At first glance one could mistake it as closed form, however the opening created between her chin and her elbow depicts a relationship between the mass and the open space, similar to the relationship created by Henry Moore's RUCUMBENT FIGURE, found on page 47.

Also similar to Moore's piece was how she used concave and convex surfaces. The curved, smooth and glossy surface used in conjunction with the natural lines of the walnut and cypress wood serves to draw the viewer's attention upwards. This causes the viewer to focus on the point of emphasis, which is the position of the mothers arm across her forehead. The position of her arm like this leads to a very important part of the puzzle, the message or content.

One can see by how the mother is holding her child close to her that she feels great love and responsibility for her child. She is holding the child so close that it is only the subtle separations created by the curvature of the wood that keep them from being one being. The placement of her arm across her forehead leads one to believe that this responsibility appears to be wearing heavily on her. As the text brings out, it could be because of the struggles she knows the child will face. It is also portraying the huge task ahead of her. In our society it falls heavily upon the mother to rear a child and to guide a child in the right direction in life. That is no small task, and as Catlett depicts here, can cause a woman to have a serious moment of reflection.

Catlett chose to use all the right pieces to the puzzle, including her use of color. She used different values of one color, with it being darker on the bottom. This, along with the position of the gallery lighting in the picture, helps to draw the attention upwards, again towards the point of emphasis. She chose not to involve motion or time, which was appropriate. It was appropriate because the struggle depicted is one all women have gone through and will continue to go through.

Elizabeth Catlett succeeded in using all the right pieces to create a beautiful piece of art. By choosing the right form and design elements, she effectively conveyed her message to her audience. The intricacy involved created an amazing work of art.

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