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A Walk of Life

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Movie Review

A Walk of Life

I thought that A Walk of Life was a pretty good movie but it did lack in some places. A group of high school seniors meet at a cement factory to initiate a potential boy into their group. This incident serves but one purpose to introduce Landon as a reckless, superficial character that has a mean heart. The scene also is what starts the future between Landon and Jamie Sullivan.

The very first part of the movie bothers me because the boy that jumped is obviously injured, but the story line does not follow him at all. It might just be me but I would have liked to know more about that boy's situation with how he was recovering or something like that. The transition where Landon meets Jamie was very nice considering it took all the available movie time up. One scene did show Landon talking to the kid he almost killed, but I was never really able to find out how bad the kid was injured. The words I heard between them just sounded like he would be seeing him around at school. I want to know if the kid that jumped would be in a wheel chair or if he would walk fine. This part in the movie was weak if you were to ask me.

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I think doing the school play was a good punishment for Landon. It is in these scenes in movie where you can tell that Landon is falling for Jamie. I would be remiss not to mention Mandys solo performance during the first night of the show. The filmmakers take their time, letting Mandy (Jamie) sing her ballad at length - sweet, gentle, and buoyant. I mean I do not have anything against her singing but this scene took quite a while.

Additionally, many pacing problems surface (after resolution 1) as the film slows and speeds up inconstantly. Especially noticeable, an emotional scene involving Shane and his father plays way too soon if you ask me, I suspect many scenes building to it were cut. However, with the film running longer than appropriate, the decision to cut was a must.

I enjoyed the first half just fine. Mandy Moore handles the screen well, confident, minimal with a little spice, sweet voice, and cute as a button. Shane West has no problem carrying his part either with his bay boy attitude. Though strong enough for the most part and entertaining, the initial thrust of the picture relaxes in a longer than usual resolution, then goes abruptly tangent. It is as if another story were tacked on the end, complete with its own complications, climax, and resolution. I think most audiences would have liked to see a happy ending rather than the sad ending that would have made it more worthwhile movie. So, all in all I would give A Walk to Remember probably a C or D rating just because there is just too much packed into this movie. I think if the movie would have into two parts it would have made a better because then there could have been more attention in the first part on the injured kid and more attention on the second part on Landon and Jamie falling in love.

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